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Resistance - Trauma
Death metal and metalcore is something I like to see mixed together, and that’s exactly what the Belgians are doing on Trauma. It is the follow-up to their Unknown Fear EP release dating from 2004, and therefore also their first full-length record.
Well I to be honest I feel quite disappointed after hearing Trauma. I mean, I like metalcore and death metal, and therefore I like to see them mixed together once in a while. But I am a big fan of originality, especially in those two genres. And that seems to be the only real thing missing in Resistance.
The songwriting ain't all that good either. I’m more than once left with the question ‘what the fuck?’ in my head due to weird transmissions and riffs that have been chosen so easily even a one-eyed goblin with a guitar with one string and one metal album could have written them.
Furthermore I feel like one of the vocalists is going a bit too guttural for this style. The same feeling I get when listening to Illdisposed, this guy must have been in a grindcore band once in his life. Very deep, very intestine-twisting and vomit-slurping. Gross, in other words. Not even guest performances by the vocalists of Do Or Die and Hatesphere can preserve the quality on this album.
The production of the guitars and vocals is very nice, but the drums and the bass are a bit dull. That starts to irritate you due to the unoriginal songs, since there’s not too much to pay attention to, to keep things interesting.
But that doesn’t mean this record sucks entirely. Between all the boring riffs there is an occasional ear-catcher. While a lot of the beatdowns are written for the fiftieth time, some of them can get me going. So there are some, very limited, original twists, but you have to search for them.
This will certainly not appeal to the average hardcore dude because it is too brutal for them, and I think death metal dudes will be divided over this. The more simplistic death metal heads will more easily appreciate it than the technical death metal fanatics. It ain’t my cup of tea for sure.
Resistance - Trauma
50/1001Details Apache Productions
Released on Monday May 22nd, 2006

Writer @DemonDust on Saturday Jul 29th, 2006

Tags: #Resistance
Tracklisting 1. Sick Of Life
2. Dead And Mine
3. A Voice In My Head
4. Apocalypse
5. Awake From Darkness
6. Trauma
7. Still Water Runs Deep
8. Unknown Fear
9. Blackheart
10. My World
Line up Xerus - vocals
Vinz - drums
Oli - guitars
Steph - guitars&vocals
Ben - bass
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