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Silovanje - Taste of Death
Silovanje was formed in 2002 and Taste of Death is their debut CD. They have been described as one of the most brutal grind/death bands from Australia. Let’s see what’s true about that.
After a sample in the title song of the CD, Silovanje blasts of with ‘Midnight. The double bass reaches an insane, inhumane speed which sounds awesome in the beginning but quickly it starts sounding like some kind of electronic noise. Fortunately they don’t use this insane Berzerker speeds much, but it’s too bad that you’re not hearing a drummer of flesh and blood. Guitarist Sam used to play in Berzerker by the way.   
Silovanje is strongly influenced by bands like Cannibal Corpse and Dying Fetus which for instance can be heard in the nice low, deep grunts; but also some high, filthy, almost blackmetalish screaming occurs in a song like ‘There’s a Time to Rape’. The great thing about this CD is that each song clearly has its own face, it’s not like you’re listening to blast beats all the time; many nice rhythms pass by. The songs’ playing time are around the two minutes and are very well produced, for 20 minutes long the adrenaline rushes through your veins, because it’s indeed very brutal.
With Taste of Death Silovanje managed to make an impressive, brutal debut CD, but with the next release I would like to hear a real drummer, see more professional artwork and hear more songs, because 20 minutes is just to short to hear from this great band.
Silovanje - Taste of Death
82/1001Details Grindhead Records
Released on Sunday Jul 30th, 2006
Grind/Death metal

Writer @Sledgehammer Messiah on Sunday Jul 30th, 2006

Tags: #Silovanje
Tracklisting Taste of Death
I raped a rapist
There\'s a time to rape
There\'s a time to kill
I the baby of hate
Fucked in the forbidden forest
Jane doe
Line up Dinga – Vocals
Pedj – Guitar and Drum Programming
Anand - Bass