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Tamtrum - Elektronic Blakc Mess
Are you not only into heavy guitar violence, but also into some dark electronic sounds? Then you will have to read this one because there’s a big chance that you will appreciate this Elektronic Blakc Mess from France.
Tamtrum creates a nice dark underground feeling with its electronic industrial. That’s right; no guitars on this CD, but these three guys from France will probably also attract fans from the metal scene because it is filthy, dark and extreme. Well, in ‘The World You Live in...’ a bit annoying high poppy bleep does occur, but most of the time there’s a fat bass pumping the black vibes around in your veins. Awkward samples such as a screaming woman takes care that this blackness doesn’t bleak.
The vocals are raw and mainly screaming lyrics in your ears which often go like: “I see kids eating their arms off each other”. ‘My Fall’ is completely in French and takes a step back by creating a more ambient vibe, which is a nice refresher because all the electronic violence can get a bit one-sided. Their looks and attitude are a bit like those of Marilyn Manson. Tamtrum’s other activities in the blackmetal scene are an important influence and in the opening track Rose Hreidmarr, the frontman of Anorexia Nervosa, has a guest vocalist role. All in all this makes a very interesting release mainly for blackmetal fans.
Tamtrum - Elektronic Blakc Mess
80/1001Details Alfa Matrix
Released on Tuesday Jun 6th, 2006
Elektro Industrial, EBM

Writer @Sledgehammer Messiah on Sunday Jul 30th, 2006

Tags: #Tamtrum
Tracklisting 1. 6:13 In a little skull box (feat. Rose H.)
2. 3:20 The world you live in...
3. 4:33 Pervert Inc.
4. 5:45 Parano�ak, hypokondr�ak&toxicomaniak
5. 5:19 Deshumanization
6. 6:35 My fall
7. 4:07 Abort the Pope
8. 4:23 Swallow the life
9. 4:56 Hetero�ne
10. 4:47 Terrorismo (my apokalypse)
11. 5:44 Cusus animam gementem
Line up BENOIT SIXTEEN: vocals, programming, synth
SYLVICOUS: words, synth
FIXHEAD: synth, programming