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Body Count - Murder 4 Hire
‘Copkiller, it’s better you than me. Copkiller, fuck police brutality’. With ‘Copkiller’  from their self-titled debut Body Count immediately drew the attention of many people including several authorities . Body Count the metal band from gangsta rapper Ice-T. Gangsta rapper Ice-T who is also an actor nowadays at several tv series including Law And Order: Special Victims Unit. Ice-T the rapper who became an actor who just released another Body Count album. The million dollar question is of course, does Ice-T still have it or not.
Murder 4 Hire is the fourth album of Body Count whom were away for quite a while. The latest Body Count record was released in 1997. Of course along the way a lot of things did happen, like three of the original members died and only two of the original members are still a part of Body Count. So with new young blood Ice-T and Ernie C continue with Body Count.
The album starts with ‘Invincible Gangsta’ and I immediately noticed the mix of the album is not well balanced. The vocals of Ice-T are too prominent on the album and they sometimes completely overwhelm the guitar parts. It’s a pity because it makes the sound of the album very flat and static.
Luckily Ice-T stills spits like old times and doesn’t let anyone or anything unspoken and of course his favourite subjects are the current hot topics. The politics are criticized in ‘End Game’, organized religion is criticized in ‘Passion Of Christ’ and of course after 9-11, terrorists are still a favourite topic even for Ice-T. On the album there is even room for the every day struggle in ‘Relationships’ and backstabbing in ‘You Don’t Know Me (Pain)’ and with ‘D Rocs (RIP)’ there’s a homage even to the guitarist D-Roc who died last year of lymphoma.
The album ends with ‘Mr C’s Theme’ where Ernie C does his thing on the guitar. When I listen to this song it reminds me of what I said before. If the guitar was pushed forward in the mix the album would be more dynamical and easier to listen to.
So if I should answer the question, if Ice-T still got it, I would say yes. The anger and the fury are still presence in his lyrics, but nowadays it takes a bit more to get a reaction from the authorities like they did with ’Copkiller’. Well what about the album?
Overall it certainly isn’t a bad album with songs like ‘Murder 4 Hire’, ‘Invincible Gangsta’, ‘Dirty Bomb’ and if you were into Body Count before you can buy it without even listening to it. But the average metal head would be bored after a three songs. So if you’re into rapmetal/ rapcore you should give this album a try because you might like it.
Body Count - Murder 4 Hire
73/1001Details Escapi Music
Released on Friday Jul 28th, 2006

Writer @Niamen on Monday Jul 31st, 2006

Tags: #Body Count
Tracklisting 1. Invicible Gangsta (3:59)
2. The End Game (4:13)
3. You Don\'t Know Me (pain) (4:12)
4. The Passion Of Christ (3:11)
5. In My Head (4:04)
6. D Rocs (r.i.p.) (2:32)
7. Murder 4 Hire (3:26)
8. Down In The Bayou (3:34)
9. Dirty Bombs (3:45)
10. Lies (4:24)
11. Relationships (4:30)
12. Mr. C\'s Theme (3:03)
Line up Ice-T - Vocals
Ernie C - Guitar
Bendrix - Guitar
Vincent Price - Bass
OT - Drums