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Harms Way - Oxytocin
As I checked out some samples on Harms Way’s MySpace, I discovered some similarities to the almighty Queens Of The Stone Age. With this is mind, and the fact that I love stoner rock, I subscribed for this album and went on the journey that is Oxytocin. And the members of this band hail from acts like Terra Firma, Unleashed, Transport League, Merciless and Dia Psalma.
The resemblance with QOTSA was certainly not far-fetched. The accessible stoner sound is present on the entire album, never getting too heavy, or too soft for that matter. It’s a nice buzzing noise that can make you relax and doze of into your mind. And before you know it the disc has ended with the final track (sung in Swedish) that isn’t listed in the tracklist.
But it ain’t all fun and glory to be honest. I must say that where QOTSA has a lot of variation in their sound, due to those extremely catchy pop-aspects they make so fondly use of, Harms Way seems to be stuck with just one guitar sound in overall. And that gets a bit monotonous, and perhaps boring for the non-spacing stoner-lover. Also describable as a non-pot smoker.
The vocals are also a point of criticism. Although they posses more variation than the guitar sound, you can occasionally hear when vocalist/bassist Dim just doesn’t get to those tones right, and that’s a pity. Because he has a pretty relaxed voice to listen to.
Overall you can say that a nice stoner rock album has been delivered, that offers nice prospects for the future. If the vocals are sharpened a bit and more use is made of the two guitars present something very good could come from this Swedish band. I would definitely like to see way more spacey effect pedals with this band. Anyway, if you feel like QOTSA are too poppy for you, give this one a try.
Harms Way - Oxytocin
72/1001Details Black Lodge
Released on Friday Sep 22nd, 2006
stoner rock

Writer @DemonDust on Monday Jul 31st, 2006

Tags: #Harms Way
Tracklisting 1. As Time Goes By
2. High Becomes Low
3. Million Ways
4. Move Your Face
5. Tsunami
6. 9 Out Of 10
7. Prime Time
8. Hocus Pocus
9. \'hidden track\'
Line up Freddie - Guitar
Dim - Vox&Bass
Stipen - Drums
Erik - Guitar