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Meatyard/Maggots - Split Cd
A couple split albums are waiting for me, and the first one is the Meatyard/Maggots split. Maggots is a Dutch gore/grind band with Luc from F.U.B.A.R. participating in it. Meatyard is based in New Zealand and create very saucy gore grind. Both bands are known to me and I like them both. With gore grind, I almost like every band that create this divine music for my ears.
The first 6 songs on the split are performed by Meatyard and are characterized by the fast and uncompromised guitars and a vocalist that sounds like he’s choking up his own intestines. Luckily, not every riff is fast, because I sometimes hear those great sluggish riffs that last forever. I can’t help make another connection to Bile here, although the rest of the music isn’t in any way comparable to these masters. The second track called ‘Bukkake’ is a short, but saucy track with hoempa riffs, hell yeah, boner music! Now I can’t help it anymore, the third track called ‘Maggot Man’ is one hell of a track that imitates Bile with a big dose of Blood Duster, partially because of the vocals. 4 minutes of slow, but massacring gore grind. The rest of the tracks sound all very decent, hoempa riffs followed by fast blasting, then continuing into those ultimate slugriffs. You gotta like it.
The next songs are by Maggots and this is the very last material they are going to bring out under this formation. Luckily, they really thought about their music and titles, because they possess some of the funniest titles I’ve ever seen. The first track ‘Daddy Ghoul’ has a very overdistorted but clean guitar, sometimes even sounding like Dismember. The vocals are fast and sound crusty, which is exactly the vocal style I like beside pitched vocals. The music altogether sounds a little bit like Tampax, not bad in my opinion. About those titles I mentioned earlier, try listening to songs like ‘We Put The G In Gore’, ‘The Toxic Breath Of Dr Death’  and ‘Cannibal Crackers’. The addicting hoempa/poeka riffs combined with the freaked out parts are very cool!
The whole split album is produced with high quality, which makes you enjoy the grinding, crusting and gutsplitting riffs even more. Personally, I like Maggots over Meatyard on this split, but I reckon that there will be people who favor the slow grinding over the fast. A must have, more I can’t say about it.
Meatyard/Maggots - Split Cd
92/1001Details No Escape Records
Released on Saturday Jul 1st, 2006
Gore Grind

Writer @Mat-Core on Wednesday Aug 2nd, 2006

Tags: #Meatyard/Maggots
Tracklisting Meatyard:
1: Molested Guts
2: Bukkake
3: Maggot Man
4: Shit Smear
5: Monique
6: Necrowhore Of Sodomy

7: Daddy Ghoul
8: Mangled Maggot Milkshake
9: Promotors Of Very Evil Evil
10: The Graveyard Grind
11: Bloodsuking Geeks
12: We Put The G In Gore
13: Dead & Loving It
14: The Toxic Breath Of Dr Death
15: I Like It When You Die
16: Cannibal Crackers
Line up Meatyard:

Vocals/Guitar - Nathan NunButcher
Bass - Chris Corpsebuggerer Rigby
Drums - Decomposing Daniel


Vocals - Luc Maggot
Guitars - Baby Maggot
Bass - Laury Maggot
Drums - Homer Maggot