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Cliteater/Suppository - split
No Escape Records, a fast growing label which releases mostly Gore/Death Grind records have unleashed another festering, Dutch split onto humanity: Cliteater/Suppository!
Both pretty well known names in the UnderGrind. Looking at the gruesome artwork and knowing these great bands, I just know this is gonna be goooood! Hacking, trashing, moshing and tearing my room down as a result.
Cliteater puked out two deliciously disgusting full length albums before this split, but this is by far their best gorge so far. Down tuned, growling and mid-tempo-pounding on as always, with some great blast parts to really go berserk. Joost (also singer for Inhume) grunts and shrieks like his dick’s up his own ass and I’m happy to hear Ivan’s Pitch-shifter-puke vocals are a bit louder in the mix than before. Also compliments to Maurice who only just started drumming when he joined Cliteater and has made a lot of progress since.
8 great tracks which make me hunger for more!
Score: 96
Suppository released a whole bunch of great splits and a full length album in the past. The band was formed in 1992 (first demo in ’94.) They have always played pure Grind Core, on the Crusty side. The material on this split is probably also the best I’ve ever heard of them. Less Crusty, more straight on Grind and some really awesome polka-rhythms (I just love me poeka’s!) Too bad Boris had to leave the band after these recordings, but his other band Leng Tch’e is taking too much of him. His ‘loving words’ on these songs sound more pissed off than ever! Funny, corny intro: some guy telling you how he prefers beer over champagne everyday.
Another 7 great tracks; making me thirst for beer this time.
Score: 90
Cliteater/Suppository - split
93/1001Details No Escape Records
Released on Thursday Jun 1st, 2006
Gore/Grind&Grind Core

Writer @Semen on Friday Aug 4th, 2006

Tags: #Cliteater/Suppository
Tracklisting 1.Ostentation of the damned
2.Your casket awaits
3.Hail-stone death
4.Bend over bitch (B.O.B.)
5.Radio Tsjernobil
6.Reign in thongs
7.The sin collector
8.Camel fucker

10.Out of focus
11.Caged in bloodred sin
12.All dead
14.Regain in disbelief
15.worse case scenario
Line up Cliteater:
Ivan -guitar/pitched backing vocals
Vedran -bass
Joost -vocals
Maurice -drums
Analex -guitar

Willem-Jan -guitars
Boris -vocals
Max -bass
Robin -guitars
Rutger -drums