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Last Days Of Humanity - Putrefaction in process
Last Days Of Humanity (LDOH )has been the most brutal, extreme, sickening, fastest Gore Grind band from Holland. Has been, yes, because unfortunately LDOH is dead! They decided it has been enough and this record is their farewell gift to all their sick, retarded followers.
If you don’t know LDOH, go check it out. You can not say you listen to extreme musick and don’t know this band! It’s absurdly, unearthly fast, it all sounds the same and it will scare the living shit out of at least 80% of all Metal Rage readers. I fuckin’ love it!!
LDOH has always been disgustingly brutal and your pop rock-listening-girlfriend’s most hated band in your collection. Only this time, they manage to blow you away even more then ever! Their last release, In advanced haemorrhaging conditions contained 10 tracks and lasted about 7 minutes, including some sickening samples. Well, this time there’s 41 tracks and no samples whatsoever! This means about half an hour of the most devastating, brain numbing Speed Gore Grind ever! If you think I’m over reacting: listen to it! If you don’t like it, at least you’ll have a laugh.
The vocals can not go unmentioned: it’s bands like this that make me bang my head when Peter Jackson’s King Kong or Steven Spielberg’s T-Rex start growling!! Pitch Shifted/Harmonized to the max, making it sound like someone is throwing up in a toilet filled with his own diarrhoea!
As always the artwork exists of pictures of dead body’s and pieces thereof. There’s even a before and after picture of some guy shooting himself in the chest this time. People used to say about Elvis and the Beatles they played dangerous, extreme music. Hmm, well…
Last Days Of Humanity - Putrefaction in process
90/1001Details Bones Brigade records
Released on Friday Aug 4th, 2006
Gore Grind

Writer @Semen on Friday Aug 4th, 2006

Tags: #Last Days Of Humanity
Tracklisting are you kidding me?
There\'s 41 of them, their long as fuck and no one is going to remember them anyway. just go listen to it!
Line up William -guitars
Marc -drums
Rogier -bass
Hans -vocals