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10 Years - The Autumn Effect
Based in Knoxville, TN, 10 Years is an alternative hard rock band with an incomparable sound that is destined to create an island of its own. Formed three years ago, 10 Years created a strong underground following with their independent release Killing All That Holds You. In 2005, 10 Years signed with Republic/Universal Records, entered the studio with producer Josh Abraham (Staind, Velvet Revolver) and recorded their debut album The Autumn Effect.
Waking Up’ is the first track of the album. And I think that’s a very good choice as an opening track. The band immediately shows what it’s capable of. A bit of a slow start with very nice melodic vocals is followed by some more powerful guitar work. 10 Years continues to keep playing these powerful songs, combined with very melodic vocals on the entire album. You have to like it. And I do! But I do admit that this album won’t be in my CD-player that often. To me it’s just a nice background album while making homework or stuff like that. Another very nice track is ‘Wasteland’, the first single of the album. No explanation for that, just that it’s a catchy song that makes you move.
It might sound weird ‘cause I’d say there’s no second band like Tool on this planet, but for some reason this band keeps reminding me of them. Not that I compare the two bands, but music wise as well as vocally there’s a link between the two. Definitely a good thing, except for that fact that this is just another nice album. Nothing more, nothing less. I think I would have liked to see these guys playing live as a support act of Korn a couple of months ago but unfortunately that didn’t happen due to Korn’s cancellation.
Try to find their single ‘Wasteland’ online somewhere to check out what this band is about.
10 Years - The Autumn Effect
68/1001Details Republic/Universal
Released on Tuesday Aug 16th, 2005

Writer @Boek on Friday Aug 11th, 2006

Tags: #10 Years
Tracklisting 1. Waking Up (3:13)
2. Fault Line (3:51)
3. The Recipe (3:36)
4. Cast It Out (5:36)
5. Wasteland (3:50)
6. Seasons To Cycles (3:53)
7. Half Life (4:17)
8. Through The Iris (5:41)
9. Empires (2:42)
10. Prey (3:02)
11. Insects (4:22)
12. Paralyzing Kings (3:50)
13. The Autumn Effect (9:32)
Line up Jesse Hasek - Vocals
Brian Vodinh - Drums
Ryan Johnson - Guitar
Matt Wantland - Guitar
Lewis Cosby - Bass