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Tricky Woo - First Blush
Tricky Woo broke up in 2002 after six years of playing energetic Rock ‘n Roll. A few years later it all started itching again and the reunion was a fact. Of course after a reunion there’s going to be another record. So that’s the story of First Blush in a nutshell, which is also their fifth record.
First Blush starts with ‘Pink Thunder’ which immediately gives you the feeling of the summer. I can see myself cruising in my ’64 Chevy Impala. During ‘First Blush’, which is also the single for this record, I picture myself flirting with that hot chick at the other side of the road.
Back to the real life now. The first impression of this record is great, an energetic sound which makes it hard to resist not to tap or nod along with the songs. In a way it reminds me of Guns ‘n Roses in their old days when they made great songs like ‘Rocket Queen’ and ‘My Michelle’. Not that Tricky Woo sounds a lot like Guns ‘N Roses it’s more the rush that you get from certain songs. Just listen to ‘First Blush’, ‘Living In The Danger Zone’ and ‘Pink Thunder’ and you know what I mean.
And where most bands of today want to make a stand about world politics or other bullshit, Tricky Woo fills their songs with lyrics about daily stuff like making out, that chick from the other block, going out, etc. As you can see: lyrics everybody can identify with.
The late seventies Rock ‘n Roll of Tricky Woo sounds very catching and with ‘We Are The Vampires’ and ‘Mechanical Flowers’ there’s even some blues influences on the record. Tricky Woo did an amazing job with First Blush, the record is never boring and before you even know it the record is already playing it’s last song. Of course after this you just hit the play button again and again.
Tricky Woo - First Blush
80/1001Details Last Gang Records
Released on Friday Oct 7th, 2005
Rock \'N Roll

Writer @Niamen on Friday Aug 11th, 2006

Tags: #Tricky Woo
Tracklisting 1. Pink Thunder (4:31)
2. First Blush (2:49)
3. Lover Don\'t You Lie (3:16)
4. Born In The City (2:40)
5. Living In The Danger Zone (3:24)
6. Rat Feathers (2:43)
7. Mistress Of The Mountain (3:32)
8. We Are The Vampires (3:11)
9. Mechanical Flowers (0:51)
10. Dirty Business (4:37)
Line up Andrew Dickson - Vocals
Adrian Popovich - Guitar
Alex Crowe - Bass
Patrick Sayers - Drums