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Denison Witmer - Are You A Dreamer?
Singer/songwriter and Americana stuff are genres of which I know very little, and I usually don’t appreciate it when I hear it, being a metalhead and all. And it’s not the standard stuff we receive over here neither. Still, the promotional agency for Denison Witmer decided to send a copy to Metalrage, so let’s just review it then.
As I checked it out on the internet, I already heard something that appealed to me, so I subscribed for it. And I had done a smart job on that, because I really can chill out on this album. I think the main reason for that is the fact that the album has a kind of a sixties mixing sound touch over it. The music is written and produced in that way and I can really enjoy some good music from that era. Denison himself even has a bit of a John Lennon nasal voice to emphasize that hippie feeling even more.
But to throw with some real terms here, according to his bio he sounds like James Taylor, Jackson Browne and Graham Nash. Who the fuck they might be.
I’ve witnessed a couple performances by artists in this genre, but I never really could get into it. This man has finally done the job. I can even sense some comparisons to Opeth’s Damnation (this is where all the singer/songwriters go ‘huh’?), but only with a bigger variety on instruments. I think I hear banjo’s, organs, and who knows what the average metalhead never uses.
Listening to this album is a kind of therapeutic relax moment. If you come home from a hard day’s work and you lie down on the couch with a nice cold beer or a sweet wine you’ll be able to become at ease very smoothly. I would almost say that it strikes a nerve and that you get emotional from it, but this is still a tough guy metal webzine so I wont get too gay. And no I didn’t cry!
Well although it is far beyond my usual listening material, I still managed to write something descent about dear mister Denison and expanded my horizon just a little bit more. And that just keeps getting broader and broader, where the end may be, is what only dreamers can discover.
Denison Witmer - Are You A Dreamer?
80/1001Details Militia
Released on Tuesday Jul 26th, 2005

Writer @DemonDust on Saturday Aug 12th, 2006

Tags: #Denison Witmer
Tracklisting 01. Little Flowers
02. Everything But Sleep
03. Ringing Of The Bell Tower
04. Are You A Dreamer?
05. East From West
06. California Brown And Blue
07. Castle And Cathedral
08. Worry All The Time
09. Grandma Mary
10. Finding Your Feet Again
Line up Denison Witmer - vocals&guitar