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Lunaris - An interview on the Norwegian national holiday
Today, the 17th of May, at 18.30 I was supposed to have my interview with Lunaris. At 17.40 my telephone rang, it was Ray (keyboards) of Lunaris. He asked me if we could do the interview right then because it was the Norwegian national holiday and he had to go party later, so I had to hurry and get my recorder and stuff. But disaster strikes again for DemonDust�s interviewing attempts. I put my old batteries back in, whom were almost empty. So after a few seconds it stopped, which I didn�t notice. So I have to write out this interview relying on my rotten brain and a couple of vague notes. So a lot of the answers will not be exactly correct. Here we go!!! DD: Could you introduce Lunaris to the people what aren�t familiar with the band? Ray: Well, Lunaris has existed for six years now and has had a lot of different people playing in it. The new album Cyclic also features numerous names of metal participating. It�s a black metal band with a high dose of experimenting, and high technical level. DD: I haven�t heard the first album yet, how would you compare it to the recently appeared Cyclic? Ray: The first album is just pure black metal, It doesn�t have that much experimenting on it. The new album is much and much better. DD: What inspired Lunaris to add a lot of experimenting and technicality to their music? Ray: You know, we always get that question asked, but there really isn�t any reason. It just happens. We just play until it sounds cool. It�s not like, NOW we�re going to write a black metal song or NOW we�re going to write this or something like that. DD: Which bands have the biggest influence on Lunaris? Ray: That�s impossible to say. We are influenced by bands like Testament and stuff like that, but by old-skool band like Rush. DD: Are you guys in any way influenced by Opeth? Ray: Uhhm, no not at all. DD: Since the line-up of Lunaris has changed so much, what is the current line-up for Lunaris and are any of those people involved in other bands? Ray: Well, there�s me, Ray, on keyboards, M, who does guitars, bass, vocals and a whole lot. He�s a great musician. We have Dr. Dream on bass, Balfori on vocals, Janos on drums and HP on guitar. The ones that were in the band from the beginning are Me, Balfori and M. Janos is two other bands named Vega and Organ. DD: How did you end up playing with Steve Digiogio, because I�ve read he was a fan of the band already? Ray: He liked us already indeed. He was in Norway for recordings and one day he just walked in and said let�s play. DD: What�s the name of the hidden track on Cyclic? Ray: Uhm I don�t know actually. O wait I believe it�s called �State Of Time�. DD: When are you guys going to start some serious touring? Ray: Well, we�re are busy with a European tour with some big names. I can�t say anything about that now, but I can say that it will be a tour with big shows and not a lot of dates. And we�re also planning to tour in the region here. DD: Do you have any comments? Ray: No, actually I don�t, hahahaha. Normally I have something to say but this is my first interview in a while, so I have nothing to say. DD: Ok, thanks for the interview, enjoy the holiday! Ray: Thanks man, hope to see you on tour! DD: Me too, bye! Ray: Bye!
Details Written on 2005-01-01
Writer @DemonDust

Tags: #Lunaris
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