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Lunaris - Cyclic
I�m not really into black metal (yet), but this album is convincing me that I should listen to it more often. When I do listen to black metal, I have to hear the brutal thrashing killer black metal, without melodic parts or anything like that in it. But Lunaris has shown me the way, there is more out there than a lot of loud noise. The album starts out with a noise that reminds me of the start of the track �Nelly the Elephant� of the band Toy Dolls, but the part that follows that noise is quite different trust me. The thrashing fast parts of black metal are on the album, as well as the black metal screaming, and the melodic parts are on it as well. But there�s more. A whole experimental factor to the album that is noticed immediately. A lot of toying with rhythms, which I like a lot, weird samples/keyboards, and adding a lot of other styles and influences, influences from big names which I�ll mention later. There�s only one thing that I don�t really like. There are some high, I wouldn�t say power metal, vocals and I�m not at all fond of combining high vocals and metal. The first singer that comes to mind to compare with that part is actually James LaBrie of Dream Theater (combined with someone else, but I can�t find out who), I don�t know why exactly, but that is a compliment towards the singer! Even the gods from Opeth influence these guys, and I would even say that they are the biggest influence that I found. The toying with rhythms, beautiful acoustic parts, a lot of variation in the vocals, enchanting keyboards, abrupt transmissions, sounds like a black metal version of Opeth to me, and that is one of the biggest compliments you can get in my opinion. There�s even a guest appearance of a fan of Lunaris, mister Steve Digiorgio (Testament, Death, Sadus) and that must mean something! Conclusion: if you�re into black metal, you�ll love this album, so go and buy it! Line-up: M � guitar, bass, vocals Balfori � lead vocals Ray � keyboards Janos � drums Matzema � fretless bass, vocals Tracklist: 1. Mendacities Of A Corporate Messiah 2. I.A.D. 3. Lessons In Futility 4. Cyclic 5. Slaves Of Opinion 6. When It Ends 7. Casualties Of Peace 8. Existence Unveiled 9. Altruismens Grav�l 10. In Nothing 11. Mot Natt
Lunaris - Cyclic
84/1001Details Earache records
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @DemonDust on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Lunaris
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