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Rompeprop - Reindeers chew sideways
Perhaps the biggest band in all of The Netherlands when it comes to extreme, extreme music, the lovely lads of Rompeprop are no stranger to fans of grind and gore. The band has just recorded their new album and is ready to set Europe on fire on the Gore Grind Over Europe tour, together with the equally insane Cliteater and Rectal Smegma. I decided it was time to ask vocalist/guitarist Dennis some questions of low standard. Enjoy the result.
For those not familiar with Rompeprop, could you introduce yourselves to our readers?
‘Hey Luuk! It’s a three piece GOREGRIND band from Eindhoven that don’t take themselves very serious and just like to have a good time by partying, drinking, and make sick ass groovy grind!!!!
You just finished recording the new record, what can you tell us about it regarding the recording process, record label, artwork, title and lyrics?
‘It's called: GARGEL CUMMICS and it's gonna come out on Bizarre Leprous Records, we are working on the artwork at this moment and we hope it will be out around February 2010!’
What do you think is Rompeprop’s funniest song title, and why?
‘That’s a song from the new album I think, it's called: "Achmeds Arum The Perfect Mosh Limb!!!" I think it's funny because of the lyrics from that song, just read it and you know why haha!’
Fake blood or real blood, what do you prefer when you guys are playing?
‘Real blood for sure!!!!’
You guys were once featured in a popular TV show on Dutch television, how was that experience and is that dude that interviewed you a douche or what?
‘Yeah it was for a show that was checking how sex, drugs and rock and roll in the “metal” scene was. I thought it was really funny to do! That interviewer (Dennis was his name) was a cool guy and had a great time he told us after the filming, also he found out that grind was very sex, drugs and rock and roll haha!!’
If you were to encounter a pelican’s cock, what would you do (with it)?
‘Never play the song "Pelikanelul" again haha! Also I would peel off the skin and see if it still can stand up straight without it..’
Bassist Robin has one of the most awesome bass guitars ever, how did he end up with such a sexy string-instrument?
‘Stefan from 666strings made it some years ago and thought it would fit perfectly with our performance , and it does!!’
What is the dumbest anecdote you can tell regarding the touring/playing history of Rompeprop?
‘After Steven Smegma left, I picked up the vocals and the 2nd gig I did live on vocals there was a reviewer in the audience that wrote in his magazine that I was playbacking and singing along with Steven’s old vocals on a tape or something hahaha! That guy that was really into grind hey, hahahaha!!’
What is your favourite way of intoxicating yourself, and with what substances?
‘Well I really don’t care that much, but I love beer of course! And my friend Jägermeister helps me out a lot! I tried a lot of shit that helps me get fucked up but I always fall back on beer.. Check the new song "Horrible Hangover", it will help you a bit!’
What do you consider the highlight of your career so far?
‘That’s hard to say, we have so many cool moments, so many cool people that we meet… one thing I loved for sure was playing PARTY.SAN, that was the biggest thing we did so far and it was awesome!! But playing in Mexico, Brazil, Russia and many other kick ass countries and places was also amazing! So every Rompeprop trip is a highlight! And I can't wait to go on tour again!!!’
What would you still like to achieve with Rompeprop?
‘Keep doing what we do now is fine with me, hope we can keep doing this for a while!! And playing WACKEN open air one day!!!’
In movies, who do you prefer, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone?
‘Jean Claude van Damme.’
When was the last time you puked, and what was the reason for it?
‘That was in May 2007 after the Neurotic Deathfest because of a mix between beer, Jägermeister and shoarma.....’
You guys are preparing for the very first Gore Grind Over Europe tour with Cliteater and Rectal Smegma, how do you feel about headlining this trek and what do you expect of it?
‘We did a tour with Cliteater in the USA and Canada, and a tour with Rectal Smegma in Southern Europe, so I know what’s gonna happen hahahaha! I’m very exited about the tour because we play in countries that we haven’t been before so that's awesome! And what’s better than sitting in a van with a lot of friends and you’re not the driver!? It's gonna be: beers, puke, farts, tits, McDonalds, gore, lots of heavy metal, football, naked girls, more beers, and again, beers!!!!!!’
What do you think was the dumbest question in this interview?
‘This one…’
Do you have anything (dumb and/or intelligent) to add to this interview?
‘I just found out that a reindeer chews sidewise instead of up and down…pretty cool hey!!’


Details Written on 2009-12-30
Writer @DemonDust

Tags: #rompeprop
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