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Peter Pan Speedrock, Blood Duster, Rompeprop - Grind and rock party!
What an utterly brilliant line-up! Instead of always separating musical subgenres, Dynamo decided to combine something amazing! Take goregrinders Rompeprop as support act, then move on to the grind ‘n’ rollers of Blood Duster and let the mighty Peter Pan Speedrock headline. Total fucking annihilation, all the way!
Rompeprop is one of the nastiest goregrind bands in all of Holland, but also one of the most renowned cult acts worldwide. A bunch of simple farmer dudes from Eindhoven, that know how to play some awesome gory music. The band put on a highly amusing performance, but didn’t seem to get to usual crowd participation they’re used to. They treated the audience to a number of new songs of which I remember two titles: ‘Konijnen Met Een V-Hals’ and the best Dutch song-title ever: ‘Pikzwarte Flikkerkak’. If you’re Dutch, go think about that one. The bassist has like the greatest gore bass guitar ever made, check it out and be amazed. Yes that is a pussy in there. Overall Rompeprop gave an excellent performance, they had even taken the effort to play a cover of both bands playing after them. One big happy family here tonight. Hope to see them again real soon!
The Australian grind ‘n’ roll band Blood Duster came to get the party really going, in which they succeeded quite well. I for one was on my way to getting wasted like hell, so I was in the mood for this stuff. I didn’t recognise a whole lot of the songs, but you don’t need to know any songs when you hear the title ‘Drink, Fight, Fuck’(which Rompeprop covered). This band is just one big party, and luckily the crowd was in for that. Blasting grindcore and uber-rock riffs combined can lead to nothing less than a drunk and enthusiastic crowd response, and that’s just what they received. Wait until you see the genious shirt I bought from these idiots!
For me personally headliners Peter Pan Speedrock are far from a favourite, yet I’ve always found it to be an enjoyable band when encoutering them in a live environment. Pure rock ‘n’ roll that makes you want to drink fast, drive fast and fuck hard. I guess. Tonight’s performance had a unique aspect, just like the other Dutch band on the bill, they had decided to play a cover song. And not just a cover song, no no, they decided to play the Rompeprop song ‘Pelikanelul’ which sounded perhaps even cooler than the original. Speedrock versus goregrind, I love it! Overall the band played a good show, like usual, and got the crowd moving for the rest of the evening. I bet they sold a shitload of beer this evening. Tonight showcased a great collection of bands from different genres, and in no way did that work out badly. Just an honest party, the way I like it! Cheers!