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Dÿse - Hase und Wolf spielen rock liedern!
Crazy as I am for these guys called Dÿse, I know I shouldn’t interview them. Yet I did, and look where it got me. Are you ready for something stupid and slightly informative? Read on and find out all about the crazy world of Jari Rebelein, drummer for Dÿse, titty bar employee, all-round funny man and professional hermaphrodite.
Hi, how are you?
‘Hi, I’m fine and look forward to the coming new year. We will celebrate a huge party in one of my favourite bars in Dresden. Everybody has to come naked and bring stuff for body painting. The rest will be written by history……. And Andre is travelling around in South America. He should be fine too.’
For those not familiar with the band, could you introduce yourself to our readers?
‘The name of our band is DYSE! We are a two piece band from Germany but founded in Amsterdam in 2003. I’m Jari and I play drums, percussions and stuff like that and the guitar player and singer is Andre, a guy from Berlin. We study design and physics and we make music as often as we can. I earn money in a tabledance bar; I’m the guy serving the beer for so many dry throats of horny men and women. A hard job as you can imagine….’
Your new record has just been released, entitled Lieder Sind Brüder Der Revolution. How would you describe this album and how have the reactions been to it so far?
‘Mhmhmh, hard to describe the album. For us it’s a step further in our tour through the musical-universe. We worked for over a year on it and recorded, mixed and mastered the whole album in 10 days only. That’s why it sounds fresh and wild but also really planned and thought through. We are influenced by so many kinds of music that we made an album which you can not put in a genre. If you go through it, it sounds like a sampler of different bands on one side, but on the other side, you can also hear, that it is always DYSE who is playing.
People who came to our shows on the last tour told us that we changed their lives with this album and I think this is the best compliment you can get. I hope these guys meant it in a positive way!!! For us it is important that people can listen to an album several times and find out new stuff and understand beats which are a bit difficult to understand sometimes, that it will not be boring to listen to it after 4 times. We didn't want to make an “easy listening album”. And so we did not. But what can I say, don’t read my words, listen to the album!!!!’
Could you guide us through the writing and recording process for the record, and how it worked with the guest musicians you used for it?
‘Writing process: we wrote all the songs in the cellar of the tabledance bar where I work sometimes. We had to enter the bar and walk through the changing room of the girls to come in the practise room. That was nice and we got drinks for free. As you can imagine, a good atmosphere to write songs. And so we wrote new stuff, cut and mixed and changed beats and riffs. At last we had enough material to record the new album.
Recording process: we recorded the album in Troisdorf with Guido Lucas from BluNoise. It was in June 2009. The weather was verrry nice, we drank and smoked a lot and recorded every stupid idea we had. That was much fun and also Guido told us: “you guys are really strange, but I love it!” He was also very open minded with all the crazy things we wanted to try out. And after the recording of the drums and guitars and the vocals we started to fill up the tracks with bells, violins, trumpets, birdflutes, crackling noises and all sounds we could find in the studio and around. The best sound is the scratching of a cat on the front door that tried to come in because she was hungry. Of course she got food after we recorded her scratching.
Things we could not play were the trumpet and the violin. Se we decided to invite professional musicians. We explained what we wanted and they played it for us. We paid and they left, shaking their heads, because they did not really understand that people really like that kind of music they have listened and played for us.’
What is the thought behind the album title and the artwork?
‘The album title means: songs are the brothers of the revolution. And this explains everything I think. We chose for the artwork to be only in black and white. Means ying yang, hot and cold, beautiful and ugly, Stallone and Schwarzenegger, good and evil, Stones and Beatles, ……’
Why do you guys choose to keep most of your lyrics in German?
It’s our native tongue and we can explain things better in this language. But we like to use all words we know in every language. We love to mix it and use it as we want. But German sounds harder than English and so we use this effect to give a song more power, and to give you the possibility to learn German!
What does a Zebramann look like?
‘He looks like a superhero has to look like. A suit with a mask, a cape and superpower. Everything in black and white of course. Maybe sometimes with a saddle on his back, for us Dyse-guys!’
What happens when you turn the supermachineeye on?
‘This is the most powerful status in which you can transform. It will blow everything away and if you’re into supermachineeyeon you can control the world. All anger and hate is fixed in SUPERMACHINEEYEON!’
Why did you guys choose to remain just a two man band? What is the best thing and what is the worst thing about it?
‘We started as a two-man-band and it worked well. Andre and me complete each other. It’s easy for us to find the same level to write music. The best thing of all is that we don’t have to find so much compromises in the band. When Andre likes an idea from me we will play it and we don’t have to deal with a bass player or other musicians. That makes it easy.’
‘The worst thing is the time when we are on tour for 5 weeks and we drive by ourselves, doing the merchandise, soundcheck, play and all what you have to do on tour. After 2 weeks it’s kind of hard to be the driver, the manager, the merch salesmen, and the men who drink all the beers etc.’
What do you consider to be the highlight of your career so far?
‘I think that was the gig in front of the White House in Washington. After 5 minutes the police came and killed our energy cables to kill the music. We sang just anti Bush lyrics…. Yes, that was nice!!!!’
Where do you draw your inspiration from (musically and lyrically)?
‘Try to copy as many bands as possible. Take a cool riff, transform it just a little and give it back to the mass. That works and is what many bands do. We don’t, maybe sometimes. :=) To be honest, we try to bring everything what we experience into our music and also the lyrics. Maybe that’s the reason why we have such a big spectrum in our musical style and also in our lyrics. If we have to laugh about something, we make a song out of it. And if we don’t like things, for example: small tits, we write about that too.’
What is you favourite way of spending time while sitting in the van on tour?
‘Say to each other how cool we look!’
Which fruit do you absolutely not like, and why?
‘I really like every kind of fruit.’
In movies, who do you prefer, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone? Why?
‘I prefer Sylvester Stallone in the movies!!! Who likes Schwarzenegger more than Sly???? Nobody! Sly wanted us to produce some music for Rambo V. that’s why we choose HIM as the cool guy. We started to record some machinegun sounds and of course an arrow-flying-through-the-air-and-explode-sound!’
Star Wars vs. Lord Of The Rings, which side are you on and why?
‘That’s hard to say. I love the music of Star Wars and also the figures. The idea and the stuff behind that story are fascinating but I did not grow up with it cause of the iron curtain…..But if I had to choose in which world I want to live, I would like to live in the Star Wars world. But only when I would get a nice helmet!’
What is your favourite cartoon of all time, and why?
‘My favourite is “Hase und Wolf”. It’s a Russian cartoon and was the substitute in the GDR for Tom and Jerry. Check it out. I love the wolf!!! He smokes, drives a motorbike and is a kind of a punk!’
Who is your favourite Disney character, and why?
‘To be honest, I don’t have a favourite Disney character.’
Do you think the world can be saved from global warming?
‘NO! all of us will die soon! Except DYSE-Fans of course!’
Thank you for your time, do you have anything to add to this interview?
‘Thank you too and good luck with your gender reassignment!’
Details Written on 2010-01-08
Writer @DemonDust

Tags: #dÿse
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