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State:Chaos - Thrash stars in the making
The Dutch thrash metal outfit State:Chaos has been rapidly making a name for themselves in our tiny country, and not without a reason. Those who have seen them know what’s up, decent thrash metal aggressively executed with precision and skill. After numerous praising show reviews, we though it was time to interview founding guitarist Mischa Braam.
For those not familiar with State:Chaos, could you introduce yourselves to our readers?
‘Well, we’ve started with State:Chaos in the beginning of 2006. Since then we’ve done quite some shows, mainly in the Netherlands. Some of them as support for bigger bands like Impious and Callenish Circle. We’ve recorded the MCD “Ashes of Misery” in the end of 2006 and last year our not-yet-released debut “Chaos || Pain || Despair”. Musically we make a nice blend of old-school thrash metal and modern melodic death metal. We try to add a unique touch, without being pushed into one specific genre too much.’
Your debut full length record is almost ready, what can you tell us about it?
‘It’s going to be kick-ass!! No seriously… it shows a huge growth since “Ashes of Misery” on all fronts; musically, artwork, production-wise, and so on. Currently, we are finishing the artwork and considering some deal offers from labels. However, when it’s going to be on the shelf is impossible to predict for now.’
Can you guide us through a typical State:Chaos live performance?
‘We always start with a touchy instrumental intro, which starts from tape and is taken over by us. Most of the time we manage to get the attention of the audience already when the tape starts, which is very cool!! After that the metal hits you right in your face. We always consider our set-list carefully to have as much variety as possible and deliver it with a lot of energy.’
You guys have just lost your drummer to the goregrinders of Cliteater, how is the replacement doing so far?
‘Richie is doing a great job! He adds ‘rock’ to our music and takes the complete picture to a higher level. With Richie we are able to add stuff we always wanted but couldn’t, like fast double bass and tricky polytempos (or whatever you call it). However, I would like to thank Martijn very much for delivering a great job for the time he was with us. I wish him and Cliteater all the luck.’
Imagine an established band contacting you to open up for them on tour, which band would you like it to be personally?
‘Any one! There are so many bands out there which I consider to be an honour to support. I can check one of those already from the list, since we did a three-day tour as support for Impious. To do something like that again would be awesome. If I have to choose one band, I would most likely choose The Haunted… or Hypocrisy… or Slayer.’
What is the most memorable performance the band played, and why?
‘I would say the show at the venue of Gryphus. During and after the show we all felt like rock stars. The atmosphere there was really one of a kind. At the end of show some of us switched places with the audience… I may sound stupid but playing there makes you remember why you play in a band!!’
What are the future plans for State:Chaos?
‘There are a couple things we are working on. Our main focus is getting our debut album out there. Besides that we are working on making our show in the style of the album, part of this will be achieved with banners and stuff, but who knows what we have in store for you.... And of course we are already working on new material, which will be both more melodic and heavier. Part of this is thanks to the new possibilities Richie has to offer.’
Bullshit question, in movies, who do you prefer, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone?
‘Schwarzenegger! Despite his touchy one-liners I think that he’s in some brilliant classics like Commando and Terminator… rulez!!!’
Do you have anything to add to this interview?
‘Since this is my first interview, I hope I did ok…’
Details Written on 2010-01-15
Writer @DemonDust

Tags: #state:chaos
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