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State:Chaos - Chaos Pain Despair
State:Chaos is a Dutch thrash metal band and was formed in early 2006. Since then I’ve seen the band perform numerous times, and each performance they managed to impress me with their tight play and excellent songs. After the demo record Ashes Of Misery the band has now recorded their debut full length entitled Chaos Pain Despair. And let me tell you friends, if there is no record label interested in releasing this one, then Rob Halford is a heterosexual.
The style these dudes play is a mixture of melodic and aggressive thrash, with hints of (melodic) death metal . They pack an intensely tight groove filled with the finest of traditional and modern thrash riffs and solos and bashing tight drums. Vocally beastman Remco is busy murdering the innocent with agonizing screams and grunts, making the package complete. Any fan of either Scandinavian, Bay Area, German or South American thrash metal can eat his/her heart out with Chaos Pain Despair. Trust me, there is absolutely nothing negative for me to say about this smashing debut.
The recording quality is more than fine, and a mixing and mastering job by Jochem Jacobs (Textures) has made the end result something to be very proud of. As you can read I can do nothing but praise and worship these guys. State:Chaos is bound to go places, and if it’s up to me that has to happen real fast with this record. Listen and obey the thrash!
State:Chaos - Chaos Pain Despair
84/1001Details looking for one!
Released on Thursday Jan 1st, 1970
Thrash Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Thursday Sep 3rd, 2009

Tags: #State:Chaos
Tracklisting 01. Forbidden Ground
02. Bringing The Pain
03. Never Again
04. From The Grave
05. Ashes Of Misery
06. Everlasting Pain
07. Hybrid Breed
08. Fatal Destination
09. To Die Again
10. Destroy The Selfmade King
Line up Remco - vocals
Mischa - guitar
Rocco - guitar
Maurice - bass
Martijn - drums
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