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Dirty Americans - Let's talk Dirty

On May 27th Roadrunner Records offered me to interview the Dirty Americans. This Rock'n'Roll band from Detroit were formed in 2001 when 3 of the members just quitted with The Workhorse Movement. Singer Myron and Bass player Pete were waiting for me in their dressing room.


You started out in 2001, what is your opinion about your first album?

We are satisfied with the result. The reactions are great. When we started with the album, it was pure chemistry. It just worked.

You first released an EP?

Yes, that was on Roadrunner too. That was a five song EP and after that we started working on the album. After The Work Horse Movement we continued with Roadrunner. The contacts were already made so we just followed the same path.


Why did you choose for a new band name in stead of keeping the old one?

We changed the drummer and a lost one singer. It just was different with one singer and it doesn't seemed right.

But are there other believes within the lyrics?

We are stile singing about our personal experiences. We definitively changed but because the direction was different we just wanted to start fresh. Everything was different although most of the members were the same.

And to respect the new drummer we wanted to change the name.


You guys honour your band name, in what other way does the band relate to its name?

In a hundred ways we relate to the name. Our live just is about war, sex, drugs, a life style, emotions. It is just dirty. The reaction of the name to the audience is different than what the name means exactly to us. It obvious is not literal, so it is a reaction to our lifestyle.

So not all Americans are Dirty?

Haha, no.. not all of them!



Your music is all about the quest of survive and succeed, musically and emotionally, What would your live be without music?

Right now it would be a long time to get used too. But I think if we knew the answer to that question, we wouldn't be in this band. I don't think we can. At the time that The Workhorse Movement ended, we thought we were through. That we would start a life without music. After that we had to go on, but we couldn't just play the same songs. For us there is no life without music. We just couldn't!


When I received the album I didn't knew you guys played in The Workhorse Movement. When I heard that I thought, What a difference!

Yeah, it sure is but when Jeff is playing guitar. To us it is like he plays like in the old days. When you get in to it, you definitively can hear old styles. Friends tell us that some songs could be a Workhorse song.

You don't know what your album is going to be when you start playing. But a song like Control easily could be a Workhorse song.

Actually on a Workhorse album there was a song called Holly Moses. On our new album there is a song called Dead Man. We had someone tell us, an old friend, that Dead man is Holly Moses. But none of us had ever heard that.

Everything has changed for us but apparently we are still doing some same things. But there is more vocals and melody.


Your band logo (CD Cover) contains a Butterfly, please explain?

There is one line in a song that says 'I see the hell of a Butterfly'. That is in the song Dead Man. We wanted to create something like a person that is bleeding to death in the dessert. The colours used on the cover are some kind of sunburst. We tried different colours and the result is a great artwork in our opinion.


You describe yourself as the strange generation but what in hell is strange about it. Don’t you think the rest of the world is strange and sick?

This is referring to the younger generation. When we play a show there are all kinds of different cultures. Everybody can relate to our songs. The people are completely insane. It just is strange. But every generation think that they are strange.

In my eyes it isn't strange... it should be normal!

That is for sure, it is the best time to be in a band. You can do whatever you want. The world is just a smaller place now.



So what is Europe like these days?

We only played one show so far in Paris but it was great. I love to see all the different places. Yesterday we went to Amsterdam and we got lost with the entire crew.

How was Japan?

It was awesome. Great people and they are crazy! Good food, good wine. Roadrunner Japan really treats the band great. Every night you get a different meal.

When we see stuff from Japan we see masses of people jumping into a famous person that they might even don't know! Did that happen to you?

We just released the album there and we didn't expect a lot of it but everywhere there were people trying to get an autograph. But we couldn't interact with them because they barely speak English!


One of my favourite songs is Car Crash because it just makes me want to move around, what is yours and why?

Great! My favourite is Dead Man. It just moves so cool!

What is yours Pete?

Right now No Rest is like the song for this tour. And I really like that song.


Are you doing any festivals this year?

Yeah, we are doing some festivals. Download in England and one in Spain?

Maybe Sziget in Hungary?

No, only the festivals in May and June. But not that much, only a couple! With Avril Lavigne and the Beastie Boys. So it should be fun.

Do you like the festivals?

The good thing is you are playing huge, like a bigger show. Next to that you get the chance to get new fans. And you get to see other great bands.

And what is great is that an other band is watching you playing. You are looking to your right and see some dudes of Slipknot watching your show, that just is awesome!


Clubs are easier to play, you can play a lot of shows and it is more comfortable. And next to that the interaction is much better!

And the people come to see you, and not the band after you...

Yeah, that is true. When you are the headliner, you know that most of the people come for your show.

But it is great to play at a festival where there are people that have never heard you, than you got the chance to blow them away!


What were the reactions to your album?

Awesome, everybody that hears it loves it! They react to it in the way we react to it! We knew what we wanted and what we were going for. And we wanted to have different kind of songs.

Are their countries where they look up to you as gods?

We are not great everywhere but we are happy with the way it is going. We get the chance to tour and play shows. That is the only thing we want!



Do you want to be compared with The Workhorse Movement or are you just started all over again and it is not to be compared?

It is part of our past and we don't mind. It is just what we were. It was a great past but we are looking forward to a great future.


Thanks for your time and have a great show tonight!

Thank you for your time! Are you sticking around for the show?



And the show was great, TheWizz is making the live view for that show!

Details Written on 2005-01-01
Writer @Buzzin Hornet

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