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Atreyu - A mail conversation with Travis
1. What would be the biggest difference between "Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses" and "The Curse"?
We had a very short amount of time to write "Suicide Notes.." and only 2 weeks to record it. With "The Curse", we had the better part of 5 months to write, and a month to record, and I think it definitely shows. The overall production on "The Curse" is much better and the songs are a bit more mature.

2. In what way does the band react to the reactions on the new album?
We're really happy that people are digging "The Curse"

3.Atreyu uses a musical blend of metal riffs; hardcore-like vocals and melodically sung choruses. Will this "formula" be used until it doesn't satisfy the band musically anymore?
Yeah, if we're tired of doing a certain thing, we'll definitely change it.

4. One of the members is Greek. In Greece metal is not huge, how did he came into contact with metal? ( Or are his roots in Greece and he is fully American?)
Alex, as well as the rest of us, were born and raised in California and that will always be home for us. His father was born and raised in Greece.

5. If I listen to the new record it seems to me that there is a lot of work in the music and the chemistry worked out fine. How did you make that happen?
Not everything we do is 100% intentional. The chemistry between all of us is very natural.

6. One of our editors writes lyrics and claims to be influenced by cartoons. What influences Atreyu during the writing process?
All of Alex's lyrics deal with personal experiences he's had or seen others have. He writes about every day stuff that everyone goes through at one point or another.

7. What is the worst thing about touring and why?
The worst thing about touring is not being able to spend as much time with family and friends as we'd like to. Hearing our drummer snore is a bummer too.

8. In the Netherlands a record company is going to sell CD's for €9,99 without a jewel case and €12,99 with a jewel case. At this moment some albums costs around €20. What is your opinion about these changes?
The whole music industry is suffering right now. CD sales are down and concert attendance is very low as well. It sucks because there is so much good music out there right now, but no one's going to get to hear it because the prices are so high, unless they download it, which I don't blame people for doing, but it's the reason why the prices are going up in the first place. It's a vicious cycle.

9. The band is constantly touring on this moment! What is it like to live your dream which started with creating this band?
I'm still waiting for someone to pinch me so I wake up. We all feel extremely lucky and thankful to be doing this.

10. What do you guys do on tour in your spare time; besides playing the gigs and doing press junkets?
We spend most of our time watching movies, playing video games, reading, fighting over who gets to use the computer next, listening to music, drinking...nothing too out of the ordinary.

11. Which of your relationships improve during the time you're on tour?
Distance makes the heart grow fonder, so our relationships with family and friends definitely improve.

Thanks for your time and hope to see you in The Netherlands once!