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Atreyu, 36 Crazyfists, From First To Last - Rocking Amsterdam
And finally the day that my musical heroes would play in Holland again had come. 36 Crazyfists was about to rock Amsterdam again and I was very excited to see them play again. Especially now that their new album is almost released. First band of the night was From First To Last, which I knew from last years show with 36 Crazyfists.  
From First To Last
As some might remember, the vocalist of this band wasn’t able to perform last time From First To Last was playing here. Back then he had some big problems with his throat which resulted in one of the guitarists of the band playing for vocalist that night. It came out pretty well considering the fact he wasn’t the real the vocalist. But now this band got the chance to prove what they’re really worth when the band is complete. And they proved to be a pretty nice band. Too bad I don’t know their latest album yet and therefore I wasn’t able to recognize any of their songs, except from the last one ‘Ride The Wings of Pestilence’.  Nice addition to their line up was that Wes Borland (Limp Bizkit) was playing bass.
All in all From First To Last managed to give the crowd quite a nice set, especially considering that the biggest part of the crowd was here to see Atreyu and it was very obvious that most of the people were big emo fans. Well, they got what they wanted, emo, emo and again: emo! Nice start of the evening!
36 Crazyfists
Up next were the (to my surprise), Alaskan rockers of 36 Crazyfists. I expected them to be the headliner but I should have known better when I got to see the crowd this night. Obviously there weren’t that many 36CF fans tonight, and to be honest that kinda bothered me. But what the heck?! My heroes got on stage to show us some new material as well as some songs of their previous album A Snow Capped Romance. The set started with ‘At The End Of August’. Fortunately the sound was pretty good and all the instruments as well as the vocals and backing vocals came out pretty damn well. Second song of the set was (how surprising!) ‘I’ll Go Until My Heart Stops’ which was done awesome! Other songs that got played were ‘The Heart And The Shape’, ‘Midnight Swim’ and ‘Elysium’ (unfortunately without Howard Jones this time). A great but waaaay too short set ended with ‘Slit Wrist Theory’  and vocalist Brock jumping into the crowd. Thank you guys for this show! Fortunately next week (June 16th) they’ll play in Holland again, then you can check ‘em out in Utrecht (Tivoli De Helling).
Since my absolute favorite band had finished already it was clear that there was no band that could actually make me wanna move more. And a band that definitely isn’t able to do that is Atreyu. Ok, I gotta admit it: they played a way better set than the last time I saw them but with that I’ve said it all. The vocalist was completely overruled by all the other band members and the drummer did something I don’t really like either. Ok, the guy can sing, and he does it pretty well too. But drummers that sing, automatically play very, very simple drum parts. And you know what? I think that sucks! Just gimme some extreme, fast and metal drumming, not this simple stuff. Everybody can do that! Well, as said before the biggest part of the crowd came to see Atreyu and they seemed to enjoy the set very well. Good for them! I was done with it after a couple of songs so I could go home early. Hopefully 36 Crazyfists will be headliner next time!