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Nile - A chit chat with Karl

Another chance was given to me at the Lowlands festival. I could do an interview with Egyption Mythology Death Metallers Nile. I was talking to guitar player Karl for 15 minutes. You can find the result below.

1. Your music is based on Egyptian history and your official bio says at the beginning you guys wasted a little time to do some research. In what way did you do that? Did you actually went to Egypt or did you only read some books?
Actually the band was inspired by books, comic books, TV shows, cartoons etc. It started like this and later we did some research with books and stuff. But the main thing was that we were influenced as childs by comics books I think.


2. You guys had a killer debut album, what was it like to get reactions like that?
Thank you, it was well received indeed. It totally flips your life around. The reactions were great all over the world. After that we toured a lot and it was even better to hear the reactions of the people themselves instead of critics.


3. 4 full lengths further (one re-release), what is a normal day like for the band?
On tour we get up, do a lot of promotional stuff like interviews. And after that we play our show. In our normal life we are normal guys, always working on new material and getting together a lot.


4. You guys are only playing at the Lowlands festival, why is that?
We are working on our new album that is coming out next year. But we were getting tired of it. We wanted to do a show and get out of the studio. And the lowlands festival was open for us, that is why we play here.


5. Tell us what ‘Death Metal’ has to do with Egypt?
It seems pretty strange but it isn’t at all. The people in Egypt were tortured, what happened with them was awful. And if you look beyond the pyramids and culture you can see a lot more that can be used in a Death metal band.


6. Don’t you get bored by writing about the Egyptian culture all the time? Is there a possibility that you will step into a new subject?
I don’t think so. The Egyptian culture is enormous. Right now the band is only touching the surface of this gigantic history. In our next album we again go deeper and deeper into new material. Besides that every day new things are discovered so the history is still growing bigger. That is why this is so interesting.


7. Every band wants to improve their skills each album, in what way does Nile want to achieve that?
We want to go faster and more technical each album. But there has to be softer parts or songs as well. Off course we want to improve our band but the biggest thing we can improve is the lyrics, these are going deeper into the history of Egypt.
Isn’t it hard to invest so much time looking for new material, most bands just sing about life..
That is the challenge we take and what makes this band great in our opinion.
That is true.


8. Can you tell us something about the new album (2005)?
Like before it is going to be better, there is not much to tell about right now but musically it is going to improve a lot. Lyrically it will be great. The material we are working on will give us a huge boost.


9. What is the Fan Base like in Egypt? Have you ever played there?
Haha, I really don’t know. The only thing I know is that you can get killed there for listening to Death Metal or something like it. But I think that there are some kids that listen to metal and maybe even our band. Who knows…


10. If there was an opportunity to go on world tour as a headlining band and you could choose an unknown band to support you, which band would you choose?
I really don’t know a band to take on tour. It was great for us that a band like Morbid Angel took us along. And ofcourse they were headlining. But I think that there are a lot of great bands.
Isn’t there a band that you listen to a lot who deserves a chance like this?
At this moment we are concentrating on the new album, to be honest I don’t listen to a lot of other music right now. I want to but I don’t…


Thanks for your time and see you soon
Enjoy the show!

Thanks to Relapse Records for arranging this interview