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Nile - Legacy Of The Catacombs
What would a label do with their (probably) best-selling death metal band right after they leave to another label? Exactly, release a best of album, with a DVD. This is the case with Nile, the so-called saviours of death metal, or at least that’s what they’re called a couple of years ago. Lets see what is on the Legacy Of The Catacombs.
Now I must agree, this is the band that really got me into death metal. The day I heard In Their Darkened Shrines changed the music world for me as I knew it and until this day I'm still a big fan of the band. Now what this disc offers you is basically a trip through their discography. It has three tracks of all releases, starting with the most recent (well, before the newly released Ithyphallic) Annihilation Of The Wicked. All releases, except for In The Beginning of course, which already is a collection of pre-Amongst The Catacombs Of Nephren-Ka tracks.
Now the DVD offers only three video clips, namely those for the tracks ‘Execration Text’, ‘Sarcophagus’ and ‘Sacrifice Unto Sebek’. That’s it. Not a real treat I say. So therefore my recommendation for fans of this band is to not buy this album. You already have all the tracks and why pay so much money just to see three videos that you can check out at YouTube.
But for people looking to get into more extreme death metal, this is a great way to start your collection. If you start to get itching hands every time you hear something faster and more technical that you heard before, you’ll be blown away just like I was. The disc offers most of my favourite tracks, so any newcomer is bound to like it.
Nile - Legacy Of The Catacombs
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Released on Monday Aug 6th, 2007
Death Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Thursday Aug 16th, 2007

Tags: #Nile
Tracklisting 1. Cast Down The Heretic
2. Sacrifice Unto Sebek
3. Lashed To The Slave Stick
4. Execration Text
5. Sarcophagus
6. Unas Slayer Of The Gods
7. Masturbating The War God
8. Chapter For Transforming Into A Snake
9. Black Seeds Of Vengeance
10. Howling Of The Jinn
11. Barra Edinazzu
12. Smashing The Antiu
Line up Karl Sanders and a whole bunch of other death metal heads.