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Frankenbok - Aussie Metal and that Rockin Feel

When Roadrunner Records mailed me the Frankenbok CD I was surprised because I know most of the bands they have got. This Australian band was completely new for me and I absorbed the new material the entire week. But misfortune struck us, we had to do a mail interview because I had to work. You can read the result of what the band had to tell us.



1. I listened to your album for many times this past week, but I have never heard of your band before. How come that your name is unknown to European people?


We have never had a record released in Europe before. We hope to change that as soon as possible.


2. What do you hope that will happen if your album is released in Europe and America?


We would love to tour as soon as possible, especially Europe. Australia only has a small population, and we have toured the ass out of the place. We are looking for some fresh meat!


3. If I would describe your music I would put it in the Metalcore block, but there are also some clean vocals in the songs. More bands are playing in this genre nowadays, what separates Frankenbok from the rest of these bands?


This is the first time we have been put in that category, it used to be everything from Grind Core to Nu-metal. I think we may be differentiated from these bands by the simpler song writing, and a more rockin feel.


4. Can you tell us something about the Metal scene in Australia?


The metal scene is can be split into two categories, those in the Aussie local scene, and those in the ‘MTV’ scene who love whatever is big in the USA and Europe. The local scene is small but strong, with some great bands such as Alchemist, Blood Duster and Daysend to name a few. We have a festival called Metal For The Brain, a charity gig for brain injuries once a year, which has grown from a few hundred people to about 4000 people. Small by European and US standards, but it’s a great festival.


5. In the press kit I received I’ve read that the previous EP ‘Loopholes and Great Excuses’ was not well received by the press. What did you guys change to make ‘Blood Oath’ a better one (besides changing the singer)?


We focussed a lot more on song writing. Rather than just slap a few riffs together, we spent a lot of time constructing songs.


6. You got signed by Roadrunner Records Australia; can you tell us what happened for you international after this happened?


To be honest, nothing really on the international front, mostly because we were waiting to record a full length album that was to an international standard. I think we have done that with Blood Oath, and Holland is the first to release the record outside Australia.


7. Who thought up the idea of the booklet, this because it looks like a foldable poster? (and who designed it, it looks pretty sick)


The booklet was our idea, especially the fold out. I thought the photo was pretty cool, and wanted it to have maximum impact. The rest of the layout was done by a close friend of mine, Bianca, a graphic designer.


8. The band currently plays lot of shows in Australia I recon. If in a couple of years you are able to do a world tour, which small band from Australia would you take with you on tour?


We would probably take ‘Daysend’ although they have just signed to Metal Blade, and will probably beat us over here. We would also love to take 8Foot Sativa, but they also have just got distribution in Europe, and will also beat us over here!


9. Again I read in the press kit that the riffs on this album are louder than the previous EP, I can respect the current sound but what in the future? Can we expect that the band is going to change again or have you found the ‘Frankenbok’ sound?


I think we have begun to find our sound on this record. We have started work on new songs, and they are similar in style to those on Blood Oath. We would like our production to have a rawer, more live sound to it.


10. Anything to say to the European people that have never heard of your band?


I know it sounds corny, but we can’t wait to get over here, hopefully next summer. Just keep your ears out for the Aussie metal that is starting to head over here.

We want to thank you for your time!
Buzzin Hornet


Details Written on 2005-01-01
Writer @Buzzin Hornet

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