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Frankenbok - Blood Oath

The interview with Frankenbok is done. Now it is time for me to review the album. This is a 5-piece band from Australia. Currently the album is only released there, but next up will be The Netherlands. What is a Frankenbok? Read the bio at their website and you will know...

When I look at the cover of this album it invites me to put it into my radio. The "Warning: MODERATE impact coarse language and/or themes" sticker makes me laugh, I think that is an Australian thing...


The album starts with the song 'The Hole', the intro starts slow. But this will soon change, the riffs are sure not regular and the variation in the music really makes you listen to the instruments. But then there are the vocals. When these start you can clearly hear that the production on this album is very good. I still think this music can be partially defined as Metalcore but there sure are some different styles in their music like Nu-Metal. Meanwhile the CD continues in my CD player. One great song after an other. Again blasting drums and great vocals. Especially the different styles within the vocals make this album great.

The fact that I have never heard of this band before is very strange, normally I know all bands that have their deal with Roadrunner Records. This band is one of those bands that need one chance, it looks like their getting it right now.


My favourite track of this album definitively is track number 5 'Backpack + Passport', I don't know why but this song just sounds awesome with again good guitarwork. The chorus is awesome and the scream halfway is superb!


Overall this is a band bound to become huge. I think that these guys are going to be huge and in my opinion this is one of the best new bands I have heard this year. It sure isn't Death or Black metal and I think this is an album for the Nu-Metal lovers and some Metalcore freaks. If you see this album soon, go out and buy it or listen to it and decide if it is something for you. I definitely dig it!



1 The Hole
2 Victims
3 Processed
4 Cocooned
5 Backpack And Passport
6 Requiem
7 Swim
8 Gone Evil By 21 (Pontoon)
9 Shovel
10 Anti-Faith
11 Where The Blood Don't Flow
12 Pushonup
13 F**kenk*ntz



Adam B Metal - Vocals
Aaron Leigh Butler - Guitars
Scott Cameron Lang - Guitars
Tim Miedecke - Bass/Syths
Mick Morley - Drums
Frankenbok - Blood Oath
85/1001Details Roadrunner Records
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Buzzin Hornet on Thursday Sep 30th, 2004

Tags: #Frankenbok
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