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k-again - 100% pure Italian anger
1. Can you describe k-again’s music to people who don’t know you?
We basically play metal, but in a modern way. We try to combine hardcore and metal with rock but every time with a lot of energy…but the best way to know k-again’s music is to join one of our shows across Europe ;-)
2. Please explain the name ‘k-again’?
I’m really sorry but I can’t. It’s a personal thing that is part of us for almost 7 years.
3. You released the new EP ‘Memories Of An Evolution’ a while ago, how are the reactions so far?
It’s true, we released the album last year but we kept the master in a box for almost another year for some reasons, so it’s like if the album is out since 2 months or so. When we came back from Los Angeles this September we released the album and we are really happy for the good reviews we had all over the world because of course this product is for us pretty old one, in fact we wrote most of the songs in 2002. Anyway it seems that the songs are still fresh… not bad for us eh eh eh.
4. To me it seems that you are playing more melodic parts now than in the older material, did you choose for that or did it just happen? How did it happen?
Definitely. It was a precise choice between us and our producer Logan Mader, we did that on purpose and it was ok at the time. Now we came back to the old roots and we are writing the new album really heavy oriented. We toured across Europe for a lot of time and we saw that the new violent songs worked really well…so let’s keep on rock!
5. The new EP is produced by Logan Mader (ex-Machine Head, Soulfly, Medication) and he even plays additional guitars in the song ‘Father’. Why did you choose Logan and how did you meet him anyway?
We choose Logan because we are all big Machine Head fans and because we really think that he is a great musician and super producer. He is the best choice for our style, he knows his work, he is fast, he is able to arrange songs and he became the 5th k-again member. We are still really good friends and he will produce the next k-again album. Recently he produced bands like Shenoah which features our old friend Jason Hager (former Chimaira) and his producing skills are definitely increased in the last year. We met him in Los Angeles also this year and he showed us the Klown Records. I think it’s the best place ever to record a metal album…especially with Logan.
6. If you had to choose one song of ‘Memories Of An Evolution’ to release as a single, which song would it be and why this one?
We already choose the single and the video is already in the music stations. The song is ‘Father’. We choose this song ‘cause it’s the resume of our intentions in this album, melody and violence, and because it’s based on a true story so it’s really personal and full of motivations. The second single will be ‘Isolated’, we will shoot the video in a few months.
7. k-again has released quite a few EP’s since the beginning of the band but never released a full-length album, how come?
This is not completely true. We released 2 full length albums, one in 2000, but it never came out for legal problems we had with our label at the time. Another one ‘Goodbye’ came out in 2001 and we had a lot of good reviews from the press basically in the USA! After that we just decided to record as much material as possible and so we decided to print EP’s which is the best and fasted way if you are developing your own style of music. And also because we changed 4 drummers in 3 years eh eh eh…
8. Are there any plans for a full-length album and if so, please tell something more about it?
Yeah, this time we had plans for a full length but we want to take it easy. We had some really good offers from really good European and U.S. labels and so we just want to wait for good news. In the meantime we will write the new songs (we already have 8 or 9 new songs ready) also because this year we will just tour and so we will have time to write and arrange new stuff. You will have a preview really soon cause Era-Zero records will produce a single ‘3trk’ for us, it will be out in the end of December…so you can listen some new K shit.
9. Can you tell us a bit more about the fact that Italy has such a small metalscene?
Eh eh eh. I replied to this question million times so I’ll be short. There are a million cool rock/metal/hardcore/noise/emocore bands in Italy, but there is not a scene, because a scene is not the number of bands but all the things around. Labels, magazines, clubs, radios, money, interest…in Italy nobody cares about Italian bands…that’s it! For example our good friends from Lacuna Coil; they sold over 100,000 copies and played Ozzfest and a lot of big tours. Do you think they have an exposure in Italy? No! We met and talked together about this in Los Angeles. I think that’s enough to understand the Italian situation.
10. Normally a band starts touring after the release of a new album/EP, how about k-again?
We just keep on touring, we don’t trust in the selling records stuff in the shops, basically in Europe. We prefer to impose ourselves on the stages…and we sold also quite a lot of CD’s, more than in the record shops eh eh eh.
11. What can we expect to be on the setlist during the tour?
From this tour that started in October and will end in June across 9 European countries? Violence, violence and more violence. And from what we saw in the first gigs…be careful in staying in front of the stage ;-)
12. Which band(s) would you like to have on tour with you?
Machine Head, Chimaira, Lacuna Coil, Cheesy, Locomotive, Until We Bleed, Kwamis, Browbeat, Good Luck Travesty, Bleed The Dream, Shenoah, TriggerPoint and all the other cool bands we toured with.
13. Which country/city are you most looking forward to play in? Why?
Los Angeles, California (USA). Cause we lived there 2 times. The first time we just recorded the album, the second time our USA management booked the gigs for us but our old drummer just decided to leave the band and go back to Italy. Hope that this summer will be different…
14. Any last words to the readers of Metal Rage?
Thanks for reading this shit and just continue to believe. Just check the band live please, it’s better, we will be in Holland this January, March and April. Check the site and continue to support us!!! Thanks Metalrage for the interview and please check the band live too, cause everybody is able to record a CDJ.
Details Written on 2005-01-01
Writer @Boek

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