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k-again - Memories Of An Evolution
When I went to the local youth-venue last year I got to know a new little band from Italy, it was called k-again and together with Cheesy and DNA(sol) they played a very nice gig. Although k-again was only supporting Cheesy, it was the Italian band that made the biggest impression on me that night. I was very pleased by their music and now, after almost a year, I received their new EP ‘Memories Of An Evolution’. Together with Logan Mader (ex-Machine Head) the band produced this EP and Logan even plays additional guitars in the song ‘Father’. A promising disc if you’d ask me.
‘I Wash The Pain’, is the first song on this EP. And believe or not, the guitars in this song are exactly the same as in Slipknot’s ‘Before I Forget’! And please don’t judge k-again for this now because I can guarantee you they didn’t copy Slipknot. This EP was recorded in 2003 so there’s no possible way that this band copied anything while Slipknot recorded it’s album this year. Ok, back to the song now. It’s not only Slipknot I hear in the music but also some Soulfly, Machine Head, Ill Nino and even 36 Crazyfists influences. Obviously there aren’t many new things hearable in the song which is of course not what I hoped for.
Although I like the first song I was afraid that the whole EP would consist of songs build up from other songs but fortunately I was wrong, very wrong! On the rest of the EP k-again managed it to create their own sound with beautiful melodic vocals on the first hand but incredible vocal outbursts on the other hand. The music totally fits the vocals and the whole thing has become a disc the band can be proud of. And I don’t know if it’s Logan Mader or just the whole band, but I think that ‘Father’ would do a great job as the new k-again single.
One more thing I noticed is that the artwork is worth a compliment. The use of color together with the small details all over the cover is the finishing touch to this EP.

Together with the new EP ‘Memories Of An Evolution’ I also received the older EP from k-again which is called ‘ultraVIOLENCE’. This EP contains 3 songs: ‘My Time’, ‘Twins of Blood’ and ‘Self Frustrated’. Although this is some older material from the band I’d like to recommend this EP as well as the new one. Obviously there is a difference between the two EP’s when it comes to the quality of both discs but except from that ‘ultraVIOLENCE’ is a nice little extra when you combine it with ‘Memories Of An Evolution’. I actually think it could’ve been a great full-length album if k-again would bring some small changes into the old ‘ultraVIOLENCE’ songs.
If you want to get an impression of k-again then buy ‘ultraVIOLENCE’, if you want their best songs together then buy ‘Memories Of An Evolution’, you won’t regret it! If you’re still not convinced by this review maybe the interview which we will have with these Italian guys will change your mind.
Pigo – Vocals
Stef – Guitar
Skizzo – Bass / Backing Vocals
Sergio – Drums
1. I Wash The Pain
2. U
3. Father
4. Isolated
5. Another Day Inside
6. Go Straight
k-again - Memories Of An Evolution
78/1001Details 2KKrecords
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Boek on Wednesday Nov 10th, 2004

Tags: #k-again
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