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Since The Day - About their album, touring and the story behind the band
In January, I reviewed the new Since The Day album El Mensajero No Es Importante. After reviewing it, I had some questions for the band and thanks to their label I got the chance to have a mail interview with Seb and Dan.

For the people unknown to your music, can you describe your band and music?
Seb: "Five friends playing metal in a hardcore band. We bang our heads!"
I have reviewed your album and found it quite interesting, what are the reactions so far?
Seb: "Thank you. So far, the reactions are really good. I did not have the time to read that much reviews, but I received a lot of emails from people telling us that they like the album. That feels good."
Dan: "Well, so far we have no reason to complain. The reactions are even better than we expected them to be. Many people had a few problems to label us as a typical metalcore band, because we have more influences from other music genres than most of the other bands around. But nobody saw that as a disadvantage, the majority said it is a plus that makes us different from other bands."
The 'metalcore' scene in Germany has been around for a long time; you signed a deal back in 2001, describe the progress before that moment. What have you guys achieved without a label?
Seb: "To be honest, not that much compared to the situation today. Before we signed to Bastardized, we released two self-produced demos. But with a different band name, and played on various local shows. At a certain point, we weren’t satisfied with the situation anymore and decided to change our name into Since the Day. After that, we recorded three songs for the split with Iceland’s SNAFU, which were released through Bastardized. And there the whole story began…"
When I received your CD, I noticed an extreme cover, but the CD itself was completely black with the logo in silver and the title in white. Why this choice?
Dan: "We wanted the CD itself to be as simple as possible. So we came up with the idea to put it that way. But to correct you, the logo isn’t printed in silver, it’s the basic colour of the CD. We thought it would be a good contrast to the remaining black surface."
Your music uses a lot of metal influences in the music like metal oriented guitar riffs.
Seb: "That’s right. We do. But I think you will hear quite a few more influences on the album."

What is the reason a lot of bands put a song like Mascara Eyes on their albums, or what is yours?
Dan: "Do they? Maybe I am not up to date, but I don’t know any Hardcore or Metal Band that put a song like Mascara eyes on an album. Most of the people ask us, why we put a totally different song on our album. The reason why is pretty simple: we like it! And we did not want to have just metal and hardcore influences on it."
Your biography tells us you are going to tour Europe, can you give us any details?
Seb: "Maybe you got something wrong; it tells that we have already been on tour with A Case Of Grenada in fall 2003. But of course we are looking forward to tour Europe again. So far, there are a lot of weekend shows and festivals confirmed and we hope to come to the Netherlands in June, so check our homepage for further information."
You also posted a clip on the released album of ‘Lunar Eclipse’. I haven’t seen that one around on Dutch stations. What is the progress behind that video?
Dan: "You don’t have to be disappointed, it is neither shown on German TV or anywhere else! We made it just as a little bonus for the CD and put it on our homepage because a few people had problems to open the file of the CD. That one is just to be opened with a Quicktime player. The one on the website is for all other player types."
I think many people asked you this question, but what is the meaning of your album title?
Dan: "You are right, this question appears in most of the interviews, but it is eligible. Translated into English, the title means “The Messenger is not important”. We want to make the people start to think on their own, so that the messenger, in this case we as the band, becomes minor. We want to talk about different issues, but never want to be like preachers. It happened too often that some bands talked about certain issues and everybody was just repeating the bands point of view afterwards. We think that it is good when a bands puts something on the table, but then it is up to the people to think about and get an own point of view, that can, of course, be different from the one the band has!"
Any last words for our readers why to buy your album or see you show?

Seb: "Well, visit our homepage, listen to the mp3 or watch the video and I hope to see you out there."
Thanks for your time!
Seb: "Thank you!"
Details Written on 2005-01-01
Writer @Buzzin Hornet

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