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Since The Day - El Mensajero No Es Importante
Since The Day is being described as an Metal or Metalcore band. With this information I assume it is Metalcore with mainly Metal influences. The band is located in Siegen, Germany and signed a record deal in the winter of 2001. After touring Germany and later the rest of Europe it was time to record a full length album. But due to health problems the band had to split up with their singer. With a new vocalist from the band Absidia they started to record their first full length in 2004. Right now I am listening to this album and the bio and album are next to me.
To be honest I really love the cover of this album. The artwork is really impressive and it makes me want to listen to the album. What's cool about the album is that the front and inlay have got the same kind of layout, mainly the colours. And the backside and inside of the booklet have got the same colours. The CD itself is a bit boring with only the logo of the band and the album title on a black CD.
Well, enough nonsense, let’s talk about the music. The strong guitar riffs and screaming vocals impressed me but I have got the feeling I already have heard this a dozen of times. I think it was better for these guys to record their album first and then tour Europe because now they are a bit late with the originality of their sound. Don’t get me wrong, the sound of this album is great and in the song Lunar Eclipse I really love the vocals and music. The strong variations and hard musical parts aren’t normal for Metalcore. But a song like Welcome To The Show is a typical Metalcore song. But the Metalcore genre is getting bigger and bigger with bands who all sound the same. A band like Since The Day should be a little bit more creative and do stuff no other band has done in this genre. That would make this band awesome. Right now, they are another Metalcore band. I must say the song Interlude has got great unique aspects with a voice that almost can be described as a grunt. Maybe this will be my favourite song.
One other song on the album is some kind of softer song on the album called Mascara Eyes. This is one example I want to hear but the song doesnt fit the description Metalcore anymore. Too bad but a great song as well.
With this 9 track album Since The Day will surely find their position in the growing Metalcore business. But still they need to make their sound more unique. I would describe this band as the German Metalcore I want to hear. But will they ever make it to the bigger audience? I don’t think so, they need to create a more own sound for that. If you dig Caliban, try this one. 
Friedi – Guitar / Vocals
Andi – Bass
Daniel – Vocals
Sebastian – GuitarsBastian – Drums
1. Welcome To The Show
2. From Day to Day
3. For Too Long
4. Lunar Eclipse
5. Silva
6. Powder Keg
7. Interlude
8. En Vogue
9. Mascara Eyes
Since The Day - El Mensajero No Es Importante
74/1001Details Bastardized Recordings
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Buzzin Hornet on Saturday Jan 22nd, 2005

Tags: #Since The Day
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