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Seismic Anamoly - An Interview With Mike
* Heya Mike, how are you doing and how are things in the music scene? Things are going great right now, Robbert...hope all is well with you and anyone else reading this. I feel that things in the music scene in general are going pretty well right now, but there are a ton of Indie acts out there right this minute that could probably blow the doors off of a lot of the mainstream acts that we see coming out for the first time. Hopefully those acts will get their shot someday soon. * Do you play drums (if there are drums in the songs) or does someone else play them? I dabble with drums somewhat but most of what I incorporate into my tunes is done using a Beat Generator or are Studio Loops that I put into the final Mix. * When did you get the idea of making this, well I think the best description is weird, progressive instrumental rock/metal? And if you have another name for it, what is it then? I don't just sort of materialized while I was screwing around with my axe and pieceing everything together. I guess that is about as good a description as I have ever heard for it; I don't have a "special" name for it...:D. * Which bands have influenced your music? I have always been a huge fan of Van Halen. EVH can rip that axe of his a new one every time he picks it up. That's what I play; a Peavey EVH Wolfgang specially designed by the master himself. I am also a big fan of Ozzie Osbourne, Deep Purple and Ritchie Blackmore, Mountain and Leslie West, ZZ Top and Billy Gibbons, Ted Nugent, Ronnie Montrose, Robin Trower, and Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush. Call me an "Old Skool" Metalhead!! * Will you ever play a gig? If so, how would it be, and if not, why not? Very doubtful, simply because I do all the music; there is no "band" per se. Also, I do my music mostly for the fun of it and I'm really not into it to "make a name for myself", although making a little cash out of it wouldn't be bad!! * How do you make up the names with the songs, when they don't even feature lyrics? Those names just pop into my head while I'm doing the tune. I try to name the song by the way it sounds. One example is "Way Of The Warrior"; it sounds like a bunch of Native Americans doing their War Dance in preparation to kick Custer's ass...or "Wreckinball"; just close your eyes and you can kinda visualize that big iron ball smashing a couple of buildings!! * Do you think your music has changed since the first album 'Ramifications'? I think it is pretty much the same except I've gotten a little better on the axe; that's not to say I'm great on it, just better!! * Last one; what do you want to say to the readers of MetalRage? I'd just like to say that YOU ALL ROCK TO THE EXTREME and that I appreciate you giving my music a listen, if you do; I do it for people like you who hopefully will appreciate it. Keep on Rockin' and Never Say Die!!