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Seismic Anamoly - Sweet Rock Candy
Again I fall into the depths of the progressive stuff. Almost every progressive band is different and can't be compared to another, that's what it is that makes it hard to call a band progressive or not, is it really new, or some spin-off from the 80's/90's? Seismic Anamoly is a one person-project which produces progressive rock/metal. I can't call this metal, and I can't call it rock, it's somewhere in between. Heavy guitar riffs are driven by the drums, forget about the vocals because there just not there. That makes this instrumental progressive rock/metal, or whatever you want to name it. Next to the drums and guitar there is (sometimes, not in every song) the drum computer and industrial noises and keyboard playing. Mix this up, and there is Seismic Anamoly. Sweet Rock Candy is a follow up to Rammifications. The first song on the album is Howl At The Moon, starting kinda weird, but cool. You have no idea what to expect the first seconds, it can go anyway. The drums slowly roll in, and the guitar starts playing. The riff is being played through almost the entire song, which isn't bad cause this riff really kicks ass. Sometimes there's a second riff noticeable on the background which powers the foreground riff, done perfectly. the second song Runnin' Amok starts as weird as the first song on thios album, though the guitar riff in this song is even better the the one before! The next song 'Sweet Rock Candy' starts as some kind of club song, but thank god, after some time the guitar comes in. The intro for this song lasted too long. The next song makes it all better, cause the guitar starts from the beginning with a great kinda solo-riff. Well done. The other songs are like the songs I've mentioned before, not the same, but the description fits them. Every song is totally different. Overall rating: a good well done album worth listening when you want to chill out with some great riffing. Tracklisting: 1. Howl At The Moon 2. Runnin' Amok 3. Sweet Rock Candy 4. Way Of The Warrior 5. Kick In Tha Nuts 6. Fire In The Hole 7. Wreckinball 8. Reflections Seismic Anamoly is Mike
Seismic Anamoly - Sweet Rock Candy
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @sic on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Seismic Anamoly
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