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Atreyu - A conversation with Travis in Amsterdam
Boek and I were invited to interview Atreyu last week. When we met each other we had another look at our questions and we waited outside the Melkweg in Amsterdam where some girl was taking pictures of the guys who were clearly not enjoying this moment. After that we had to wait for the tour manager who hooked us up with guitarist Travis!

What is the tour like so far?
Until now it has been amazing. The kids are giving us a blast and screaming along the songs. It has been like crazy. And there are a lot of them. We have got a very very good time.
Exactly one year ago we reviewed your album, why did it take so long before you started this European tour?
It is just the way our schedule went. We did Ozzfest last year and that pretty much took the whole summer. And then we did a few support shows and toured around North America. We didn’t hade time to come here and did a headlining tour.
Right now you are playing in here, after this two shows in Germany and then you are off to Japan and Australia. What are you expecting there?
I don’t know and I have got no idea. Everybody is telling me that it is great there and everyone is big in Japan. It supposed to be another world. But we are definitively excited.
About Australia, I have been there in my personal life but never with a band. We are looking forward playing there too. We are going around the world.
You toured with Unearth in the States and after Europe your teaming up with them in Japan. Why aren’t they plying with you guys here?
I am not sure why they aren’t here with is right now but they have got their own touring to do. But we are meeting them in Japan and we love touring with these guys, there are really good friends of ours and we are in this headlining tour right now.
About Ozzfest, did you also had a guy from ‘The Battle For Ozzfest’ on the stage with you?
Yeah, actually we did had one guy. It was fun, I had no idea that show was going to be that big.
They even aired it here!
Really? Now that is what I mean. It was a great experience.
Your album has been well received around the world, what are the plans for the future?
Ehm, we are going to be touring until the end of the summer. After we get back from Australia we will be doing the Warp tour which will cover North America. And that will take most of the summer. After that another headlining tour in the US.
Any new material yet?
We have been experimenting but we haven’t got any concrete material.
Nothing to play on stage tonight?
No, not yet.
A lot of personal tragedies happened during the touring process after you released your first album. All this has been influencing the material for The Curse, what does this album mean for the band?
I think it is another personal thing of the band. The first album was recorded in like 2 weeks. We did the last album in a couple of months. But the album is just our own thing and it is great to have.
Your biography tells us you released your first album in 2002, but when did you guys started this band?
I think we are around for six years now but in the beginning we weren’t serious about it. After a few member changes we recorded a demo and we got signed.
Tonight you are playing with Norma Jean and He is Legend, what can we expect from those two bands?
They are absolutely amazing. I hate going on after them because they are so good. They both got their own unique style and are different than our style of music but I kind of like the variety in the music. And the show they both give is so powerful and the crowd seems to like it. They get a lot attention after the show which is great for them!
It is the first time in Europe for He is Legend, are they doing ok here?
Yeah, they are a kind of different but they are doing really good. I think they complete the entire package of bands. Norma Jean is also completely different but they are in the same genre as we are. He is Legend is just amazing to see live and you will love their show.
Tell us something about the 80’s Glam Metal passion within Atreyu.
It is really Marc who is really loving that period of Metal. But who hasen’t got a weakness for Glam Metal.
Those were the years of Metal..
Yeah exactly. It is something everybody loves.

Like other bands you have to amuse yourselves in the tour bus. I know you love video games and movies. What was the best entertaining moment in the past month?
Actually the performing was the most satisfying thing for me. I just love playing on stage. We forget about every problem and just do what we love. For me it is the best feeling in the world. Just going out on stage and push your limits. Besides that it is always fun to walk around the cities you play and see their culture.
So what do you think about Amsterdam?
Yeah, we have been walking around a little bit and did some sightseeing. We went to the Anne Frank House and we did some shopping. Just getting some fresh air.
It is like a dream to walk around Amsterdam right?
Yeah it sure is. It is an awesome city.
The cover of the curse really grabs a guys attention, is this really the true meaning of this cover?
Well, it is just eye candy with lack for a better word. Everybody is linking the cover with vampires and of course some lyrics can be associated with vampires but we just didn’t mean to create this association.
So it is just some hot chick?
Yeah basically haha.

You worked with a big name in the industry for The Curse (Garth). What can we expect for the future?
It was just pure magic. Before we entered the studios with him we had demos of every track and we already knew what we wanted to do with the album. We also were kind of nervous to record this album but from the very first moment he made us feel like home and he had the same idea we had.
We may work with him again, we may work with someone else. We are not a studio band but we sure had a connection. I personally hate recording. Because in the studio you are on a magnifying glass. It will show you that you suck or don’t suck and it brings a lot of stress.
The first album took?
The first album we did in two weeks and this time we put a lot of time into this effort and it sure was worth the time.
Did you expected the huge amount of attention after both releases?
No, not at all. We started for fun but the band evolved very fast. We thought it would be nice to record an album and go back to work and school but the truth was different. We had no idea. I am not complaining, it is the best thing in my life.
Like you said before you guys played on Ozzfest, are there any European festivals in Europe you still want to play?
Last time we were here we played at Bellfast and at the Graspop festival. We still want to do festivals like Download, Reading or Leeds and perhaps Dynamo or something like that. All the festivals are good for us so as many as possible. 
Any last words for our readers?
Stay true and thanks for supporting us!
Thanks for your time!
Thank you!