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LIFTID - Interview with NickC
An interview with LIFTID singer NickC. LIFTID is a rising star, at the Dutch Metal front. After winning the Dutch contest called �Nu Of Nooit�, they�ve won a place on the �Pinkpop Festival�. The members are Nick (voice), Marco (guitar), Jordy (drums) and Rob (bass). Q: You�re all from the neighborhood of Roermond, how did you guyss met and at what time have you deicide to make music as a group? A: Guitar player Marco and drummer Jordy already had a band called �Psycho Conduct�, other members were Patrick Gubbels (bass) and Michael �Mickey� Ross (vocals). After a while Michael decided to go his own way and split from the band, and joins One Life Luck (rip). Because of I�ve visited them a few times while practicing, they ask if I would like to join them. So that�s how we get together. After some troubles with the bass-player we�ve decided to replace him. The new bass-player was Rob van Elmpt and he was accidental from One Life Luck. Meanwhile the name of the band was changed into LIFTID what means throughout making your own music lift yourself up after some disappointment (lift identity). Q: First we saw a breakthrough of the local bands Dreadlock Pussy and Concubine, who both played on Pinkpop too. What makes the Metal-scene from Roermond so special? A: Personal I think they are progressive and try to put all a part of their own creativity in their music. Dreadlock Pussy was and still is the nr.1 in this style, so that�s nice. And about Concubine, what more can I say about them. They are fucking original. Yeah, and about us. We just fucking play hard, we have a set full of hard songs but the songs don�t show the anger and madness. We want that the people can dance but also get rid of their anger, and that combination sounds ok. Q: You guys play on Saturday at the Pinkpop festival together with the Deftones. Imagine Chino asks you to come up and sing a song with them. What song would you like to sing then? A: Together with Remco (singer Concubine) we�ve sung Head-up once. That was so fucking cool that that�s definitely the song. Head-up it would be. Q: Listening to your the music their are different style and influences in it. While writing new songs who is the decisive factor in the band? A: While writing new songs we all want to put our own part of our self into the music. Most of the time Marco has some new guitar riffs, and then we keep changing the song till it�s ok. All of us are very precisely, so if someone thinks of a part that�s it�s not it, we won�t play it. We don�t want to make music that after hearing 4 songs gets bored, we want to be different, and not be a part of a style. Meanwhile we still want to make heavy shit Q: Why do you make music in a style like this, and for example not heavy death metal? A: We all are happy free minded personalities, an I think this music is more suitable to us. On stage we want to have von and make al metal variation in stead of being anger ed. Aggression is a essential part of our music, but being constantly hard and aggressive it�s not noticeable anymore. When a soft part is followed by a hard part the contrast is 10 times better. In our music you can find these contrasts. Q: What is the greatest inspiration for writing song texts? A: Damn butterflies, hehe, let�s say I�ve got more luck in the game than in love. After 3 relations and friends that have disappoint me, some songs get dark texts, but normally I�m positive minded. So I try to give a funny twist to the songs. Some subjects are useless violence, and escaping the hectic life of Amsterdam (where I live), and just enjoying the "summer". Q: What was the best show LIFTID have done until now ? A: The gig @ the final of NON was really super. Not so good but really fun was the show as support act from Concubine, big PIT, we love that! Q: What band or artist would you like to share the stage with? A: That�s for all of us different, I think for Marco it would be Machine Head or the Deftones, Jordy likes Korn or System Of A Down, Rob likes the Deftones or TOOL and for me it would be the Deftones of Limp Bizkit (3$ bill y�all period). Q: How was playing in the Dutch pop Walhalla �Paradiso� during the press presentation of Pinkpop, in front of a terrible audience, most of the people hate hard music like yours. A: It was hard, the audience was still bit of applause, but what the hell we�re going to play @ Pinkpop. Q: What�s your new (first) album gonna sound like? A: Much different styles, some new-metal songs, but these days everything is new metal After a while you�ll notice the band has grown up, the song get more musical heavier happier. Just good original music. Q: Are you guys gonna play @ Fields of Rock? A: Beats the shit out of me, I don�t know! Q: When is the release date of the new CD? A: I have no idea, first we have to make some appointments with the studio. Thanks to NickC. Singer of LIFTID Visit them @ Interview by LiqLight
Details Written on 2005-01-01
Writer @Carn

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