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Liftid - Starting Fire
Now before I even start writing about his album, I wanna tell you that I highly respect the way the members of Liftid give themselves for their one and only passion: making music. I’d like to mention their great press-package that I got along with the album and the promo-activities Liftid does around this album are just amazing! These guys definitely convinced me of their love for music. Thumbs up for that!
The album starts with an extremely useless intro that lasts only a few seconds. Hell! Who cares for that nowadays?! Leave it out next time, please…The album continues with some nice but not too appealing tracks. Also the clean vocals are scaring me off a bit but it’s not like I wouldn’t put this disc into my player anymore.
But then the album comes to the point of the sixth track, ‘Touching Void’, and I can only come up with one word when listening to that song: WOW! This song kicks some serious ass. There’s this atmosphere that I’d like to hear in songs so much but unfortunately I don’t hear it that often. 
... Which is quite an understatement, actually. For those of you who know the song ‘Gently’ of Slipknot’s album ‘Iowa’, the atmosphere in ‘Touching Void’ is quite comparable to that one. A small minor of the song is the outro…like’s there’s an extremely annoying mosquito buzzing in your ear.
That there is quite some variety on this album is shown in the eleventh song on the album, ‘Bebeah’. In this song there’s an almost punkrock-alike sing along chorus, which, in my opinion, Liftid does way better than the actual punkrock bands who do the same trick.
Not to forget the last track on the album, ‘Stripclub’, which starts as some kind of Luie Hond-alike reggae song, which eventually becomes a bit more powerful. The song itself isn’t that strong but the fact that Liftid is trying to vary a lot on one album sure makes me wanna give ‘em more credits than your average alternative band.
My advice to the band is to leave out most of the clean vocal parts and throw some more aggressive roars in. It’s not that the clean vocals are awful to listen to, but they just don’t get me moving. Let’s just say I’ve heard a lot better and I like Liftid’s aggressive parts better than the 'easy listening' parts. For a Dutch band though, Liftid has quite some potential to grow way bigger than they are at the moment. Keep up the good work guys!
Liftid - Starting Fire
75/1001Details Independent
Released on Wednesday Feb 1st, 2006

Writer @Boek on Thursday Apr 13th, 2006

Tags: #Liftid
Tracklisting 01. 01
02. A Cut Through Paradise
03. Starting Fire
04. Chauffeur
05. Collision Event
06. Touching Void
07. The Perfect Shape
08. Dive
09. Karma
10. Eleven
11. Bebeah
12. Stripclub
Line up Nick - Vocals
Marco - Guitar, Vocals
Rob - Bass, Vocals
Jordy - Drums
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