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Coheed And Cambria - Exhausted at the Lowlands festival
For me it was only the third time that I got to visit the Lowlands festival. Though a lot of people would second me when I’d say it was one of the bests Lowlands ever. Besides the wicked line-up this year, the great people we were with and the fantastic festival atmosphere Tibor and I got the opportunity to do an interview with Coheed and Cambria.
Well…isn’t it a coincidence that Coheed is on my list of favorites? Not really..Tibor asked me for the interview because I already did some research because of my interests in C&C. Thank God Tibor was there to hold my hands when I was quite nervous to meet my rock-idols.
We sat down with Travis Stever (guitar) and Michael Todd (bass). After a short chat I came with the following oh so original question:
The last time you played in Europe was at the Groezrock festival. How does it feel to be here again?
It feels great to be here again. It’s different than in the States but good!
This third album: Good Apollo, I’m burning star IV; volume one: from fear through the eye of madness , when will it be released exactly?
It comes out September 20th.
Alright, so we just have to wait only a few more days then. What can we expect of this album?
Rock! It’s a lot more rock ‘n roll, I think, than we have ever done before. We took more time to get the songs right. In the past, when we got a song done, we jumped right into the studio to record it. This time we sat down and looked at the songs objectively to fix or improve them. I think that made this album really good.
Coheed and Cambria is a story right? It’s split up in different chapters. This third album is part one of chapter 4.
Yup, part two is going to be our next album. That’s the ‘final final’ part as chapter 4 is the closing chapter.
Okay then. The second stage turbine blade and In keeping secrets of silent earth; 3 are part 2 and part 3. So we’ll also get chapter one then.
What are the plans after that? It would mean that the story of Coheed and Cambria has come to an end. Probably a lot of people will think it will be the end of the band.
We haven’t decided yet. We don’t know what we will do then. You never know…but for now, we still have three more albums coming.
How are the things with the comic book?
There are two comics out now. With the new record there will be a 60 page comic released. With a different artist this time. Wes Abbot did the last two and Christopher Ty will do the new one. But this is really more Claudio’s (frontman of Coheed, singer/guitarist) thing.
Coheed and Cambria is like a sort of science fiction story. Does that mean the songs don’t contain any personal things?
I can’t really speak for Claudio. He writes the lyrics so..
Cause there is this character named ‘Claudio’. You would think that it’s not just a coincident that they both have the same name…
Yeah, but still, that’s Claudio’s part.
I heard about some side projects. Travis, you are in one right? Is that still on?
Yeah, but it’s not really a big deal. We do that when we have some time off.
So it does not have big influences for Coheed?
Well, it’s a rock kinda thing. It’s totally different then Coheed you know but it won’t damage Coheed as a band.
About the dvd; Live at the Starland Ballroom. It comes with a cd that contains exactly that concert. Why?
I don’t really get it myself. I know it’s kinda weird. I think, the next time when we shoot a dvd we'll do it a bit different. I’m happy with it. We did a pretty good show although we were exhausted. We just came back from touring and we landed in this circus of shooting a dvd. Next time we will try not to rush it like we sort of did on this one.
You guys travel a lot. How do you manage that?
It is overwhelming sometimes. But we're doing it for a couple of years now and we're over the big part in the beginning. I mean, we're used to it now. And of course we get to do our thing, play music all the time.
What are the plans after the album release?
Just touring. We are going to be headliner in the States for about two months with The Bloodbrothers, Streched and Me Without You. There are no plans for Europe yet.
You bitches! (okay..i didn’t really say that…but it’s always that those kind of bands play in Europe only a few times…unfortunately)
Well, with those last unspoken words the interview came to an end. Word up to Travis and Michael for doing this interview, Tibor and Metalrage for making this interview possible and Terra Patrick for providing us with cheap porn on the internet…..
One love, Maurits.

(And thank you Maurits for your work!)