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Coheed and Cambria - Pure emo at nighttown Rotterdam!
Like about a year ago I sort of dreamed of seeing Coheed and Cambria live on stage.
Now this year has past and I’ve already seen them play three times. Not forget to mention that they come to Europe again in January 2006… …
To be honest…We’ve only watched Saosin en Coheed that night at Nightown Rotterdam. We were all tired and I had to catch the train. Especially Tibor was pretty wasted after a long week of metal! Respect J! For the record…I was there with my friends Tibor and René.
It started pretty early that night. At 7 PM the doors opened and like an hour or so later Saosin conquered the stage. I first bought some merch of this band..not realizing it was the bass player behind the merch. But who cares…I got a free button! Woei!  What I thought that was kind off weird was that Saosin only released two mini albums (each one got only 5 songs on it). Still, they’re here in Europe on tour with Coheed….so they got it all pretty well organized.
Saosin is definitely a band with character. They started off great and with a hell lot of energy. They only played like about a short hour but that was long enough to convince me. They rock! Sure the vocals weren’t that great but he did apologize. He had the flu or something. Funny thing is that he also got a really high voice. Totally different then Claudio’s but also pretty nice!
The drums sounded awesome! If you know Saosin, you will know the band is emo but the drums are metal. Another thing that was pretty funny to see were the guitar flips. One guitarist even did a double one! Anyway, all together, I think they did a pretty good job. With this show they do deserve to tour with Coheed.
Now the main show, Coheed and Cambria. Normally a four headed band. But this time they had a guy for the samples and for the keyboard parts etc on stage. A great addition if you’d ask me!
They started with the opening song Keeping The Blade. A great opening song that instantly creates that epic atmosphere. Next to the almost classic ones like A Favor House In Atlantic City and Devil In New Jersey, Coheed played a lot of songs from the album Good Apollo. And that is exactly why they had that extra member on stage. Though they stuffed him away at the back of the stage and no credits were given to him. Okay, it’s obviously that Coheed does not like to talk to the audience during a show but it’s the least they could’ve done for him.
For those who have their DVD must have noticed the interviews. Claudio said they changed some old songs a bit for keeping them fun to play. Delirium Trigger is one of those. That’s funny to see and graps your attention (like if it’s possible to lose it during that kind of show…)
They also did a lot of nice connection-pieces between the songs. I really like that. It makes it complete and saves those awkward silences on stage. Especially for a ‘don’t like to talk during concerts’ band like Coheed
One thing that disappointed me on Lowlands was their charisma. Especially from Travis and Mike (guitar and bass). They were freakin’ wasted and probably had a huge jetlag. Okay, I can understand although it’s still a bit disappointing. Tonight at Nighttown it was a bit better but still Travis looked like he stood their just because he had to. Maybe it’s because they play this much that it’s just another show for them. But they got to realize, for us it’s not just another’s Coheed!
They are all talented musicians and I do recommend all of you to check them out if you got the change! Though it seems that the vocals live are not as good as on the albums but tonight he sang pretty good. They all did a great job and the sound was good. It was, once again great to see them play live. I think, this was one of the best shows that I’ve seen of Coheed.
Till next time!
One love,