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Shinedown - Get ready for Shinedown........
A couple of weeks back I did a review of the new Shinedown album. This week I got the chance to do an interview with these guys with the help of the medium E-Mail. You can read the short but powerful answers here!
We have got a lot of European readers who do not know your band, can you give a short description of who you and your band are?
Shinedown is a 4 piece rock band from Jacknsonville, Florida. We are straight ahead rock with influences ranging from Zeppelin and Otis Redding, to Metallica and Soundgarden. I am the drummer Barry Kerch. Our live show is high energy and we try to just bleed on stage. 
What are the musical  backgrounds of the Shinedown members?
Each one of us comes from a very different background which gives us a very eclectic mix when it comes to songwriting. Brent learned to sing by listening to Otis Redding. Brad was heavily influenced by Classic Rock and Grunge, Jasin is into Death Metal as well as Southern Rock and bands like Blind Melon and Jeff Buckley. I (Barry) was schooled in percussion from elementary school through two years of college and am influenced by James Brown, Tony Williams, The Police, Iron Maiden, and just about anyone who plays great music. 
In Europe none of your albums is released, on the other hand you guys are selling thousands of records in the US, why didn't you find a label over here?
We would love to be in Europe, and that is one of our biggest disappointments because we are not. We have been pushing Atlantic for 4 years to release our stuff over there.  Hopefully it will finally happen soon. 
Isn't it awkward that a platinum band from the States isn't selling their record in Europe? 
It is a horrible thing and trust me, we want to come over there in the worst way. 
What is the song writing like at Shinedown, I constantly see the name of your producer Tony Battaglia in the  booklet?
Song writing comes to the table with whoever has an idea. Tony definitely took his pieces as a lot of producers do. We would have an idea, but if he or anyone changes the chord or maybe makes the progression better then it becomes that persons piece. It is all about money, and is one of the ugly sides of the business. However we are lucky to have some great songwriters in this band and each one gets their portion. 
What was the idea behind the  cover of the album? It sure is amazing but when you see the rest of the booklet and the back it does not really fit.
The cover is an original piece of art that was done based on a dream that Brent had. It tries to convey a sense of wonder at what the kids are looking for, going to, or coming from.  It may not fit cohesively, but it is where our minds were at the time. 
You also released a special  edition of Us And Them, what can the fan expect extra on this release or what should be the main reason to buy that one?
The special addition has additional packaging with a poster and some stickers in a nice box style jewel case as well as extra songs and acoustic versions of some of the main tracks. It was something we wanted to do to give the hard core Shinedown fans a little extra.  
What is the link between Shinedown and Van Halen, you thank the band in your booklet and as you might  know Eddie van Halen is Dutch?
We were lucky enough to tour with Van Halen on their latest reunion tour. They were an amazing bunch of guys and such legends. We have so many stories from those two months. I should really write a book about it. 
If there was one thing you would achieve outside the States, what would that be?
Total world domination! Truthfully we would just like to let the whole world hear our music.  Also we would like to experience the world and see what is has to offer. None of us have been out of the States, and to see another culture would be a huge dream come true. 
Anything left to say to the fans, the unknown European people and anyone else who might read this?
Rock and Roll is forever, and we will be seeing you soon. Get ready for Shinedown........