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Path Of Resistance - Karl Buechner - Spreading the message
Some weeks ago I reviewed the latest Path of Resistance album called Can’t Stop The Truth. That album made my jaw drop to the floor. So when the opportunity came to do an interview with Karl Buechner, which is one of the vocalists, I didn’t have to think twice. That’s how it happened that I could travel to Arnhem and also see the band at work on a Sunday evening.
Well how’s the tour going so far?
‘It’s been great. It’s nice to be in Europe again’.
Is it a complete tour throughout Europe?
‘Its just festival shows in Europe and then we’re going back home.’
Yesterday you’ve played at the Groezrock festival, what was it like?
‘It was awesome we played with a number of great bands like All Out War, Sick Of It All, Born From Pain, The Setup. We headlined the second stage and it was really great. A lot of kids travelled very far to see us play. I’ve spoken to some kids from Poland, Italy and England who especially came to the festival to see us play.’
Do you think it has to do something with the fact that Path Of Resistance doesn’t tour very often.
And why is that?
‘We are involved in a lot of other things and one of the singers has two tattoo shops. Besides that we also have a metal band called Freya and we put two albums out with that band. We're also getting ready to record our next album in June.’
In 1997 you’ve released the debut album of Path Of Resistance called Who Dares Wins and after nine years you’ve released the second album. Why did it take so much time?
‘We were very busy with Earth Crisis at that time, we were a fulltime touring band. It’s not that we didn’t want to put out a next album it’s just that we were too busy to put out another Path Of Resistance album. But the time is right now to bring Path Of Resistance back and bring it with full force. Actually we have plans for writing the new record this summer and record it in January next year.’
So you’re going to continue with Path Of Resistance?
‘Yes that’s the intention.’
You’ve all played in Earth Crisis before and you quitted in 2001?
‘Yeah we finished in 2001 and we kind of split into different kind of bands because people are scattered throughout the country. Dennis and Scott did a band in California called Isolated. Bulldog did a band with the guys from Madball, Hatebreed and Merauder called Ragmen and of course we’ve been working on Freya.’
And why did Earth Crisis split up?
‘We did as much as we could being a fulltime band and people started to move away because of marriages and stuff like that.’
The new album is out for two weeks by now. How are the reactions so far?
‘Awesome, really great. We put some of the songs on our myspace and kids just know the words and singing along during shows. Very cool.’
 On the album you work with three different singers is there a specific reason for that?
‘Yeah there is a very specific reason for that. With Earth Crisis we did something different at that time we mixed metal and hardcore together and with Path Of Resistance we want to make it something special again. I believe bringing in the three vocalists is unique and it sure makes it an exciting live show.'
To me the three vocalists makes the album much more dynamical and it puts the album in a another dimension.
Yeah that’s the thing and of course. There will always be persons who say that they don’t like the album or the message that’s in it. But it’s good to have three vocalists because we have a lot to say.’
The front image of your album has a main character in the middle that has money in one hand and a rope in another. This person, does it stand for something?
‘A lot of the imagery on the cover does relate to the lyrics and the point of views that we stand for.’
 Is there a specific goal you'd like to achieve with this album?
This album is just what we’ve done with Earth Crisis and what we did with the first album. We want to promote the benefits of the straight edge lifestyle.
The straight edge lifestyle is it also a personal thing for you?
Yeah it is, a lot of the members of Path Of Resistance saw people in their families and friends who were harmed by drugs and alcohol. So we don’t preach we just offer examples of what people can expect through addiction and the problems that will follow.’
Nowadays all the members of Earth Crisis are also playing in Path Of Resistance. Why didn’t you continue under the name Earth Crisis?
‘There’s no need to. Path Of Resistance was a band that was started but never taken where it needed to go. Second to that we also have our other bands. Path Of Resistance just keeps it interesting for us, we all can unify and play music that we love. We’re also a great team to forward the straight edge message.
Does it bother you that on a festival like Groezrock people are drinking beer and smoking weed.
´We don’t believe in probations or a ban on smoking or anything like that. But the reality is that smoking leads to cancer, alcoholism leads to liver disease it’s just the simple reality of the situation. We definitely want to counteract what the advertising and what Hollywood is glorifying when it comes to self-destruction through narcotics for example. I think the perfect place to do it, is not at a show where every band is straight edge but to go out and deliver that message to people who might never have heard of it.’
What will the future bring for Path Of Resistance?
‘We're going to write our next album this summer and hopefully we’re able to record it next year in January. After that we’ll probably do some shows in America and maybe come back to Europe next year.
Thank you very much for the interview, do you have anything left to say to the readers of
'Thanks to everyone who came to our myspace and listened to our songs and thanks to everyone who came to see us in Europe.'
Details Written on 2006-05-20
Writer @Niamen

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