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Path Of Resistance - Can't Stop The Truth
The born of Path Of Resistance is surrounded by tragedy. In the spring of 1996 the members of the well known Straight Edge band Earth Crisis had an accident which left their drummer unable to play for months. In the mean while Path of Resistance was formed by members of Earth Crisis. In 1997 they released their debut called “Dare To Win” and played just a view live shows to keep it special. Seven years later Path Of Resistance made its comeback in April 2004 and nine years after their debut album the second album which is called “Can’t stop the truth” is released. Nowadays Path Of Resistance consists of all the members of Earth Crisis.
The album starts with “Can’t stop the truth” which is also the title track of the album. It’s an aggressive, raw and furious song and sounds exactly how oldschool hardcore must sound. With the first song the tone is set for the rest of the album, old school hardcore with a straight edge message. This straight edge message is brought to you by three vocalists instead of one. Which has the effect that the songs sound very dynamical what makes it a pleasure to listen to this album. A minor setback is the fact that not all the vocalists are on the same level of singing capability. But as the album continued it becomes less irritating.
The production of  “Can’t stop the truth” sounds really furious which contributes to aggressiveness of the album. I also believe they really caught the live feeling on the record which gives the listener an idea how Path Of Resistance sounds during a live show.
Overall I believe it’s hard to pick some personal favourites because the whole album is great. Off course some songs are not as great as others but overall I believe this is a great album that’s certainly worth a try if you’re into oldschool hardcore. 
Path Of Resistance - Can't Stop The Truth
90/1001Details Victory Records
Released on Tuesday Apr 25th, 2006

Writer @Niamen on Tuesday Apr 25th, 2006

Tags: #Path Of Resistance
Tracklisting 1. Can\'t Stop The Truth (2:59)
2. What Propaganda Hides (2:27)
3. Against The Gale (3:03)
4. Promethean (1:54)
5. Into Emptiness (1:49)
6. Haunted (3:02)
7. Best Of My Best (2:10)
8. Blood Trail (2:06)
9. The Mission (2:48)
10. Oculted Hand (1:56)
11. At Full Strength (2:23)
12. Intro (1:22)
13. That Golden Day (2:49)
Line up Ian Edwards - Vocals
DJ.Rose - Vocals
Karl Beuchner -Vocals
Scott Crouse - Guitar
Erick Edwards - Guitar
Jonathan Dennison - Bass
Dennis Merrick - Drums