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The Agony Scene - Pointless, yet fun

Since it was only a couple of months since these guys last had been interviewed by one of us, I quickly realised that all the good questions were already asked. So I was forced to improvise yet another quite ridiculous interview, something I’m starting to become pretty good at. I explain to the guys that there isn’t that much they can tell me we don’t already know, but they don’t mind to talk about bullshit so here we go! This interview is done with vocalist Michael and guitarists Chris and Stephen.

Are you glad to be back in Europe so soon already?

Yeah definitely! I’m glad we’re here so people don’t forget about us. It’s a good chance to play in front of a different audience and play in different places.

Of course. Has work on new material already started?

Only individually. We haven’t really had time to sit down with each other to see what we’ve come up with yet.

So I guess there’s no real work on a DVD neither?

No. We have a lot of bullshit material, but nothing professional. In time hopefully there will be enough interest to do such a thing, but not at the moment.

Okay, are there any plans to play at European festivals this year then?

No, this summer we just gonna write stuff, I don’t think we’re touring at all this summer. And no one’s asked us, so, not at the moment no.

That were about all my decent questions. DO you have anything useful to add before we talk bullshit?

Uh… we don’t…..uh…..let’s do some bullshit questions!

In movies who do you prefer; Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone?

In movies I’d say Schwarzenegger because he did Terminator 2 and that’s the best movie ever.

Thank you! Now I’m a happy person!

I totally agree, when I was a kid my dad was like this big Rambo freak and I think Stallone is harder to take seriously.

They’re both hard to take seriously! But we’re all more into Schwarzenegger than Stallone.

Haha, next question then, inspired by Greg from The Red Chord.

Oh no, he’s crazy!

Haha, I know! It’s; how many push ups can you do?

Probably ten. Twenty maybe. No idea actually.

Thought so.

(now for some reason this is the end of my recording, I have no idea why, but these things tend to happen to me a lot, so I’ll just have to make a little story on it then)

My next question was how The Agony Scene’s groupies are in general, to which vocalist Michael replies that they’re non-existent. Neither here or in the States. They wish there were, but we all guess they have to wait a little longer.
So I ask if they have visited any hash-bars today, like they did the day before their previous interview, which caused Michael to be a bit reserved. 
But they haven’t yet, they did see a couple here and there when they went exploring Arnhem, but they didn’t visit any of them yet. To which I purpose to roll a joint, which they seem to find an ok idea. 

When I ask if they prefer to be eaten alive or to be fucked to death with a strap-on they all agree to be eaten alive. Fucked to death with a strap-on is a pretty humiliating way to go, and how the hell would you end up in a situation like that. Guitarist Chris claims eaten alive is a whole lot less painful, since it’ll be a giant monster or dinosaur that’ll just come by and eat you at once, to which I explain to him that there are no such things anymore in this world. 

Of course the inevitable fastfood question comes by; what do hey prefer, Burger King, McDonalds or KFC. The opinions are divided on this topic, but we all agree that KFC is nasty. They are more of pizza eating people actually, so Pizza Hut would win this contest. They have tried some burgers here, but it seems that we Europeans use different sauces with them than they do in America. Made me quite curious about how American burgers taste then.
Well the last question was an easy one. What do they prefer, drinking beer, strong liquor or to be straight edge. 
Obviously no one wants to be straight edge, and the unanimously chosen answer is of course strong liquor. Why? Because it gets you fucked up way faster! That and they’ve been drinking Becks beer for a couple of days now, and they don’t even like it!

With that being said, I depart from the room and go for something to eat. Again a fun interview, but pointless as hell. It will be only a matter of time before this webzine turns into a source of gossip and misunderstandings I guess. Thanks guys!