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Mindstab - An interview with El foxie
[img][/img] [b]Questions About The Band 1. How did you guys get together?[/b] We we�re jamming at a local youth centre, trying to play like our metal godz. Learning to control our instruments, but it was shit. Till one day a guy name Cisco was brought to us by a friend. He played the guitar like he was one of those metal kings. From that day on things came together and a few years later Mindstab was a fact, we could live with!! [b]2. Why the name Mindstab?[/b] In 1995 a fantasy card game, Magic The Gathering, was very popular. One of the cards we liked a lot : Mindstab Thrull. A card with special forces, but most of all, with a cool name that fitted us wel. Trie to stab someones mind, make �m think� [b]3. You say you have your own style because you mixed various styles, can you explain that a little bit more?[/b] We never tried to copie other bands, or tried to sound like other bands. The way our music is composed is not like in most bands : we do not jam to create songs. Only one person composes songs : cpt cisco. In his room he puts his ideas on a four track recorder together till he has a song. Drums are made with a drummachine, he plays all the guitars and does all the singing. When he is satisfied with some ideas, he brings it to our rehearsel room and we listen. The band is the �producer� of the songs, and we decide what we can use. We transform those ideas to songs we can play live. By working this way we are very critical to make good songs. If we think something has been done before, by ourself or by another band, we trash it!! That�s how the variety between the songs grow. This way of working gives us a more satisfied feeling than in the time we jammed to create songs. [b]4. How was playing with bands like Slipknot, (Hed)PE and replacing Disturbed?[/b] We didn�t have the time to be nervous! The fest was on Thursday and only Wednesday evening we were sure we could play! We started drinking and it was over before we realised what did happen. It was very cool to have this opportunity, the reaction from the audience was great, we want more of this ;-) The thing I remember most is that the �old� bands like sick of it all and sepultura were the most normal guys. They started little and had to work hard to get where they are now. Most bands on that bill� prrrrrt [b]5. The Future for Mindstab. How would you describe it?[/b] Work hard, and do what it takes. We know we are only a small band, but we wanna play as much as we can. We all have jobs and we know it is not possible to live from our music. Although it is a very important part of our life. We are already thinking about the next album and new songs� [img][/img] [b]Questions about the album 6. The thing I noticed on you album was the variety you used with the vocals. How did you come up with that?[/b] In the beginning we mostly tried to be as loud as possible. But that�s boring!! Cpt Cisco has a great clean voice and on this album we tried to take the songs to a higher level with these vocals. The other vocalist, Bjornsky, also wants to be more than a screaming devil, so there is more �singing� on this album. The mix between the two vocalists has always been there, I don�t know why, it just has been that way. And we think it is cool. Most metal bands put 90% energy in their instruments and songstructures, but don�t think much about the singing. I still like a lot of metal bands, and hardcore bands, but I found myself ignoring the singing because it is boring : the same grunt all the way� [b]7. How does it feel to publish a full length record like Say Anything?[/b] We are very happy with this release. A lot more people get to know us, and we receive a lot of good reviews and comments. We are very pleased with the work Sjuul Kok ( label manager Seamiew records ) does for us and the other bands. There are only 6 bands on the label, so every band gets enough promotion. Questions about performing? [b]8. What was the best show so far and why?[/b] The most funny show we did : a support act for pornstars ROCKBITCH (especially after the show!!! Everything they say is true!! I swear ) The EARECT festival was our biggest show so far and was amazing, but we enjoy ourselves mostly in a small sweaty club, with a lot of interaction with the audience [b]9. What is the weirdest thing that happened during a show?[/b] Our vocalist Bjornsky doing the �snakey� move on stage (ask him yourself if you get to see us � it is G R E A T ;-/ [b]10. What is better, a festival or a club? Why?[/b] We like both. Perhaps a festival is a bit nicer because you plau together with a lot of different bands, for a real mixture of people. A club is nice for the great interaction with the audience. [b]11. Are you playing any festivals this year?[/b] Only a few smaller festivals. We play the huntenpop fest in September, that�s rather big I think, with Within Temptation and Keith Caputo. We�re planning a small club tour in fall, with End of April and Rapid Notion, we�re looking forward to! And the newest Seamiew signing � Transport League � will need some support we would like to give�em� [b]12. What did you think of the Seamiew showcase you played February 15th?[/b] We didn�t play a very good show. We were nervous, wanted to prove ourselves. Nobody knew our songs, the album wasn�t released yet. We fucked it up a bit. Even our sound man had a day off. We hope to play the Biebob another time, and trie to do better. End of April and Dreadlock Pussy are much more professional on such stages, but we�re working on it. [b]13. What�s you opinion about the other 3 Seamiew bands?[/b] Seamiew is a very nice � hardworking label. The band are very diverse and yet have a bit of the same goal. They do not make mainstream music. On the showcases we played together there was a good vibe between the bands. No competition or backstabbing� It all looks very good, we�re having a good time!! Check [url][/url] for dates [b]Thanks for your time!![/b] Sorry it took so long!!!! Thx El foxie
Details Written on 2005-01-01
Writer @Buzzin Hornet

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