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Mindstab - Say Anything...
Bio: Mindstab was formed in the summer of �96 in Lichtervelde, West-Flanders, Belgium. Many gigs and constructive criticism resulted in a first 5-track self-titled mini-cd (1998) through Polar Bear Records/Rough Trade. Despite the fact that it was a low-budget recording, it set the tone and made it obvious what Mindstab was all about; get rid of your prejudices and leave out all boundaries � just listen and feel... The first full-cd emphasized this sensation even stronger with 13 new tracks on the album �Borderlined� (2000), which was distributed by Creeptown Records/Good Life. The title of the album refers to the �borderlined disorder syndrome�, and indicates that you can�t just simply push this band into a specific style. One of the most important features of this band is the use of extremes, both on the musical and the vocal level. The music incorporates various genres, and by blending all these alternative, rock and metal-styles in a brilliant mix, it puts Mindstab within the new generation of metal bands. Mindstab shared stages with bands like Hard Resistance, Kreator, Deviate, Liar, Callenish Circle, Blind Justice, Congress, Brotherhood Foundation, Channel Zero, Paranoiacs, Major Crime League, Bloodsessions, Length Of Time and Uncle Meat. The growing interest in Mindstab also resulted in them replacing Disturbed at the Earect festival 2001, which also featured Papa Roach, Slipknot, Hed(pe), Static X, Amen, Sepultura, Sick Of It All and Pennywise. Now in March 2003 Mindstab released the brand new album �Say Anything��. This 13 track CD is released throught Seamiew Records. The kind of music Mindstab makes was at first called the H8000-scene but fans and press made it Nu-metal. I think it isn�t Nu Metal, there is an original sound in the cd and to damn loud for Nu Metal. The album starts whit a 18 seconds long intro. I see it like an appetizer. After that comes Half Light. A song which starts slow and after a minute the second voice comes in. The songs sounds great, the only comment I have is that I�ve heard it before. This isn�t negative but they have been inspired by some bands. The next song is Counterclockwise and that is a great song. Every second of the song I can feel the power of the song. Next to very good lyrics some very good sound effect have been used. The slow parts in the song makes it complete. Then there is Black Vise, this one starts with cool sound effects. In this one the two voices are very good combined and that makes the song complete. This one is a bit faster than the two before this one. This is definitely the best one so far but this can change. Especially the change of voices from loud to soft is cool. Lost and Found is playing right now and this one has is a short one minute fifty-five song. It mainly consist out of piano. It�s cool that it is in the middle of the CD. Now Iwishiwas is playing and this one has got a intro with a sample of a voice. It takes about fifty seconds before a vocal comes in but what is weird is that the voice that is being used is original and new on the CD. That makes it unique for Mindstab so far. This song is definitely not Nu Metal, but it does sound good. Next song is In Time and it starts soft for a few seconds and then loud. Again a unique song with it�s own music. This one is fast and got a lot of power. From this song I can get powered up. A very good song again. Again the vocals are very good and the music is great in this one. Next one is Nobody Special and this one starts with a drum and this drum stays during the entire song. What is cool about this song is the slow and hard parts mixed together. After that comes Angelus. My first impression is that it looks like other songs on the CD. But after a few seconds that feeling changes. Another new kind of vocal is being introduced to me. Again it�s a great vocal and music and lyrics completely match. Now comes �Beware of the Beastman��. This song is extremely slow. I think it doesn�t belong on the album because it has got something that split up the album. Sleeper.02 is the next one on the CD. Another song with the normal vocal in the beginning but again a new kind of vocal after that one. I think this is very great because the vocalists on the band have got a lot of variations. This one is on my list of favorites of the album. Maybe because it is a bit stronger than the rest. The next song is a five minute one called Dark Stained Thread and it looks like other songs on the album. The cool thing is normal vocal mixed with a screaming one. I heard this before on the Downthesun album. There is also a cool guitar solo in the song. And there it is, the Title Track Say Anything� This is a slow song but it sounds great. Not my kind of sound but it fits with the music the band makes. My conclusion is that Belgium Is one good Metal band richer. Seamiew Records can be proud. The thing I really like about Dutch/Belgium bands is that the English has got a Dutch accent and I noticed that on this album to. It is great, keep up the good work! Tracklisting: Nothing to do anymore... Half light Counterclockwise Black vise Lost and found Iwishiwas.... In time Nobody special Angelus Beware the beastman... Sleeper.02 Dark stained thread Say anything... Mindstab is: Bjorn Bossu: vocals Niek Devos: guitar Brecht Verduyn: bass Domien Crevits: drums Francis Borl�: guitar & vocals BIO taken from Seamiew website. Thanks to Seamiew Records for providing the Album!
Mindstab - Say Anything...
75/1001Details Seamiew Records
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Buzzin Hornet on Thursday May 20th, 2004

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