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Dry Kill Logic - “We’re equal parts pyro and retard.” got the opportunity to do an email interview with Dry Kill Logic frontman Cliff last week. And since we love this band we immediately wrote down some questions. And as usual the answers are short in an interview like this but when the band comes to our lovely country we will do a big one!
Metalrage has got a couple of Dry Kill Logic fanatics in their crew, but please introduce yourself and your band to the unknown reader.
“My name is Cliff and I am the singer, the other guys are Jason Bozzi (guitar), Brendan KANE Duff (bass) and Phil Arcuri (drums).”
You have been around for 14 years, what is the most memorable moment for you guys?
“We’ve been fortunate that there have been so many great moments over the years, but I think the first real moment was when we signed our first record deal with Roadrunner.  It was the culmination of years of hard work.”
Your band name was Hinge but Roadrunner made you change the title, what was the exact reason because I never got the point.
“It was a legal issue; someone else owned the copyright to the name, and once we found out we couldn’t legally put the record out as Hinge.”
Dry Kill Logic was signed by Roadrunner years back, what is the story between these two parties?
“We signed with RR back in 2000/2001 through an imprint label started by the guys in Scrap 60 (Anthrax, Cradle of Filth, Jesse Malin) and we released ‘The Darker Side of Nonsense’.”
Maybe a strange conclusion but had the departure something to do with running out of funds after a lot of ‘Hinge’ promotion material was already printed?
“LOL I’m not sure it was directly tied to the promotional material, but they definitely wanted to stop spending $$ on the band, and that DID cost a lot of $$$ to reprint, so I am sure it had something to do with it.”
After this you guys got signed to SPV and released The Dead And Dreaming, once again no show in Europe except for one show in Germany (release show). A lot of tours got cancelled (especially the shows in the Netherlands), what were the problems or reasons?
“We didn’t have an agent at the release of TDaD in 2004; we came over and played 2 promo shows to promote the release.  We hooked up with our agent mid-2005 and began working on the Euro run we completed in April (which was mindblowing – thanks to all the kids reading this that came to the shows!  You ROCKED!).”
On both full lengths I have heard there is a ballad or slower song, what is the reason for doing this? Just trying to write a radio hit or is it something personal?
“We enjoy writing mellow acoustic spooky jams as much as we love writing balls to the wall metal songs.  Every album has an acoustic track at the end; this new one will have one as well.”
And now it is the EP ‘The Magellan Complex’ with a Guns ‘n Roses and Danzig cover. Why these two covers?
“When we came up with the idea of the EP, we all put 5 names of bands we would want to cover in a hat.  GnR and Danzig were the two we all picked, and we decided on those songs because they were tunes we listened to when we were younger and super hungry to be full time musicians.  So thanks Axl.  LOL”
The DVD with this EP contains a short story about the band, a couple of live performances with the original song as sound. Why not just a live song? And why a DVD so short?
“Getting a good quality live track is much harder than just ‘why not a live track’.  We didn’t want this to be a live DVD; why make the fans pay $ to hear inferior audio?  The DVD portion is meant to be a behind the scenes look at the band, not a live performance DVD.”
What is it with fireworks and Dry Kill Logic?
“We’re equal parts pyro and retard.”
After the release of this EP, when can we expect you full length on Repossession Records? What can we expect on this album?
“The new record will be out 9/19, and we are working on the title now.  This next record is another step in our musical evolution; I think kids can expect the same mix of aggression and melody without sounding too stale or rehashed…mmmmm hash lol”
And what after this release, will you guys FINALLY come to play a show for us in the Netherlands? ;)
“We can’t wait to play a show in NL!”
Again about your first full length The Darker Side Of Nonsense, what was the idea behind al the strange figures and images?
“We let the artist run with his ideas after he showed us the cover comp, and that’s the art he came up with.  Its exactly what we wanted – something artistic yet disturbing.”
A funny Metalrage question: Arnold Schwarzenegger of Sylvester Stallone? And why?

“10 years ago I would have said Ahhh-nold, but these days its all Rocky!  He’s Italian, he’s in shape….the Terminator is OLD!”
Any last words for our readers?
“Thank you for all your support; it means the world to us.  ”
Once again thanks for your time, we truly appreciate this and good luck in the future.
“Thanks man – hope to have a beer with you soon!”