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Dry Kill Logic - The Dead and Dreaming

When I really started to listen to Metal I joined the Dutch department of the Roadrunner Street Team. After a few months we received stickers of Dry Kill Logic, some people might know them as Hinge. A little bit later I got their first album 'The Darker Side of Nonsense' with on that album for me memorable songs like 'Rot' and 'Nightmare'. It became clear that Roadrunner Records wasn't expecting that this band would make it. The album never made great numbers and the band got rejected. 3 years later SPV Records picked up this remarkable band and gave them the opportunity to do it all over again. In the meanwhile many members were changed and many songs were written. For their new effort they have chosen 11 tracks.

When I listened to the album for the very first time I was amazed. What had happened to this band? You could hear that this band had evolved in many ways. Again the drums are amazing, I think that they are even better than before. The first track 'Lost' lets me witness a complete new side of Dry Kill Logic with more power and speed than before. The current single 'Paper Tiger' is next, this one is more like the old Dry Kill Logic but still the song contains loads of anger. After a complaint of Carn about too much clean singing in songs I heard this fact in the new Dry Kill Logic songs as well. I do not dislike these parts but I am also hearing this more often and this can lead to annoyance. But not on this album, Dry Kill Logic is again proving to me what a great album is all about, of course they had 3 years to work on this album and there were many songs to choose from. They have chosen the right songs to be on this album.

Enough about the first impression and the single. Let's go to one of the best songs of this year, called 'Living Witness'. Again drummer Phill Arcuri is showing what playing drums is all about, this power and speed is great. The song just fits and according to me should be their next single. Believe me, this will never be a number one hit but this song just rocks. The change of vocals from screaming to clean singing fits in this song and for me this is one of the best songs this year.

Also on this album Dry Kill Logic is showing us their soft side with the song 'The You Lie'. On their Roadrunner Records debut they also had some songs that were beautiful to listen to. And again they have done it, this song is beautiful. With songs like this singer Cliff Rigano is showing what he can do with his voice, and don't underestimate that one.

It took me some time to think about, and listen to, this album but it was sure worth it. What can I say? Just that if you are open for a new mix of Metal styles, you should buy this album. For me this is what a Metal album should be like. Dry Kill Logic has done it again for me, and I hope that people will agree with me on that. If there is a band that deserves it to be huge, this is the one for me.

Cliff Rigano - Vocals
Jason Bozzi - Guitars
Danny Horboychuk - Bass
Phil Arcuri - Drums

Track listing:
1. Lost
2. Paper Tiger
3. Buckles
4. Push/Pull
5. Then You Lie
6. Perfect Enemy
7. Living Witness
8. One Hand Knife Fight
9. As Thick As Thieves
10. 200 Years
11. Hindsight