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Tomorrow's Eve - Let's get in touch with Tomorrow's Eve
Metalrage was given the opportunity to review the material from the prog metallers from Tomorrow�s Eve, now Metalrage can speak about the new material with Tomorrow�s Eve. [img][/img] [b]1: Could you explain why you have chosen Tomorrow�s Eve as the band name and a little bit about the history of the band?[/b] Olli: We sat together and everyone wrote down a name on a piece of paper and the former members decided that Tomorrow�s Eve sounds good and everyone thought in a different kind about the term ,so do we think that it happen to other people, and we decided to take it! TOMORROW�S EVE was founded in 1998 in Idar-Oberstein, with Oliver Schwickert (keyboards), Rainer Grund (guitars), Sascha Hilles (bass), Ralf Gottlieb (drums) and Peter Webel (vocals) as the first line-up. During the following year the debut album was composed and recorded at the Bazement Studios in Wiesbaden and before long TOMORROW�S EVE got a deal with the label B-Mind Records in Berlin. Already with their first album �The Unexpected World�, which was released in October 2000, TOMORROW�S EVE surprised as �The new German prog metal sensation�. They got a good press, far exceeding expectations. Later on �The Unexpected World� was even released in Russia, White Russia, Ukraine and the Baltic by IROND Records in Moscow. Therefore TOMORROW�S EVE has been one of the few European bands who�ve signed a deal in Russia. their new CD, too. Heavier as the debut but with various rhythms and interesting melodic lines �Mirror of Creation� a concept album of 70 minutes was born. In June 2002 Ralf Gottlieb and Sascha Hilles couldn�t take the stress of job and band anymore. They decided to leave the band. In September 2002 Peter Webel also left the band but by chance a substitute was found very soon. Together with Rouven Bitz the new line-up of TOMORROW�S EVE has been complete Rainer Grund - Guitars Rouven Bitz - Vocals Oliver Schwickert - Keyboards For playing Live-shows, the Band play with guest musicians on Bass and Drums. As B. Mind Records discontinued production TOMORROW�S EVE had to find a new label. But together with TWS - Source of Deluge (SOD-Records) they can be After that TOMORROW�S EVE began with the work for their second CD which was finished in December 2001. [b]2: Critics for your late album have been quite positive. Could you tell us how the recordings and mastering went?[/b] Rainer: From April �till June 2002 the album was recorded at the Bazement Studios in Wiesbaden where VANDEN PLAS recorded their last album. We had a very relaxed working there and it made a lot of fun. Markus Teske (Soundengeneer) had been the perfect �ears� for what we wanted to do, as you can hear! After mastering the �Mirror of creation� two times and we �d been close to send the final master-cd to SOD- records (this version already blow out our imaginations!), Markus Teske called us and mentioned: �O.K. guys this version is quite well, but I think I can do it better. Just give me one more try!� So he mixed it a third time! We didn�t hardly know what he wanted to do better and thought he was nuts but when we heard the result there had been nothing more to say! (But he is nuts!) [b]3: What do you think of the current Progressive Metal scene?, because we in The Netherlands sense a big uplift in progressive bands that pop out every month.[/b] Rainer: I think it would be good for the prog scene that there were some new bands, but I hope It�s the quality that counts not the quantity. Don�t missunderstand what I�m saying but as you seen in case of other music styles that offerd financial success to labels had been overrun by bands and some really talented guys had no chance to be signed because the budget was already run out. [b]4: About the album then. As it is a concept album, can you explain to us what the main topic of the album is, and how the songs relate to each other?[/b] Olli: Not today, not tomorrow - but the day will come when a plan becomes reality: the absolute optimization and control of human genes. Maybe long before it's expected to... The experiment is top secret. Mistakes are impossible. In separated labours artificial insemination is used to rise embryos whose genes are manipulated. To be able to monitor the strength, intelligence and perfection of these children an own world was created for them to live in, far away from reality. They don't know anything else. They are all equal. But is it really possible to reach such a goal? Won't there always be some individuality which increases while getting older? Won't these children startasking questions one day? An �optimized� boy takes a look in the Mirror of Creation ... The songs tell this story and lead the listener into the deeper atmosphere of the theme but every song has an own history to tell. [b]5: Could you explain some of the songs from the album?[/b] Rouven: I can only give you a short snap shot because the one who listens must find an own interpretation. [b] Optimization [/b] Describes the start of the experiment itself and the plan of Prof. Brandon [b]Live Your Dream[/b] Deals with the chances to accept someones current life or break out off the rules and do those things you have hidden deep in your mind because you think others won�t accept you and your dreams. [b]Crazed Gunman[/b] One of the �optimized boys� went into the wrong way and try to destroy and took revenge on what the scientists have done to him. [b]Point of No Return[/b] In this song the optimized boy who led the listener through the story reflects about what had been and what could be. What happened at the end of the song is�hm. I think you should discover it by yourself! [b]6: Now about the future, can we expect that TE will continue their style as it is heard on Mirror Of Creation?[/b] Rouven: You can! Of course we work on details an try to improve our technics and sounds but at the current point it looks like we continue this style! [b]7: If you have to choose between a gig at a big festival with different kinds of styles, or your own gig in a hall. What would it be?[/b] Rouven: I will play both! The important thing is to reach as many people as possible! [b]8: For wrapping up, this is the final question. Would you like to say something for the metal listening world.[/b] Rainer: We would like to thank our fans for the great support and we hope to play for them on the next tour. Olli: We are very happy for any critics or contacts from and with our fans, so come and visite our guestbook and leave your message on! Rouven: Me too! And a nice life till we see us somewhere on this planet! Metalrage would like to thank Tomorrow�s Eve for the effort and time it took to answer our questions.
Details Written on 2005-01-01
Writer @Mat-Core

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