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Feast For The Crows - Taste The Tear Of Phoenix
Some time ago I received the debut album of Feast For The Crows entitled When All Seems To Be Burned. This album was quite entertaining, and after reviewing it I got an offer to do an interview with them. So of course I sent over some questions, which were answered by lead guitarist Max Hufnagel.

For those people not familiar with Feast For The Crows, could you introduce yourselves?
'The band members are Simon Kollat on the mic, Stefan Kraft on the fourstring, Moritz Jung behind the drums and Sebastian Kollat and me on the guitars. The band was founded in June 2006 when the old band of Sebastian (g) and me, Tear Of Phoenix, split up. We decided to go on with that style and searched for new members to fill up the positions on drum, bass and vocals. Sebastian asked his brother Simon who has an amazing extreme voice and we started recording the vocals immediately. Further we asked Stefan (bass) and Moritz (drums) to join the band. They are well known musicians in the local music scene and we just had to have them in the band. We are very lucky that they decided to join us.'
Your debut has made a smashing appearance upon the metal scene, what seems to be the formula for this success?
'I can't say for sure but I think the people like our stuff because it's real and comes from the heart. We tried very very hard to write high quality music and spent a lot of time for songwriting. Nevertheless we are totally surprised that our album caused that good reactions. It's awesome.'
How do you plan to stand out in a scene that’s getting overflowed with new bands these days?
'You can't really plan to stay alive. All you can do is to fight and stay alive :). We just want to make good music. The scene is very crowded and we never expected to come this far so it would be no problem for us if it would be over tomorrow. But what we actually plan is to move away from metalcore more to a dark and heavy death metal like sound. But what comes out in the end is allways different as you thought when you began writing the shit. Let's see what the future will bring.'
You already got to release your debut album with Bastardized Recordings; how did that happen so fast?
'We sent them our demo and then they called us and asked if we were interested in a deal. We met with them, drank some beer and signed it. The usual way :).'
Some of your lyrics are in German, why was this choice made?
'Those two lyrics were written by our old Singer Christian Stein. He liked to express his feelings in German. There will be no German lyrics in the future.'
Why are the drums on your album played by Simon Sangmeister while you have Moritz Jung in your line-up?
'Simon was our old drummer. We recorded When All Seems To Be Burned before Moritz joined the band. Simon had to leave the band because he went to New Zealand. It's not like that Simon is better than Moritz. Moritz is the fucking best drummer in the region here. He studied drums in Düsseldorf and made his diploma.'
In movies, who do you prefer; Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone? Motivation?
'Arnie! Just because he did Conan the Barbarian. Conan is so fucking metal. Conan is the founder of heaviness and malepower ;)!'
Is there a special thought behind the album title When All Seems To Be Burned?
'It's a line from the song "Skycleaver". The song is a "stand up and fight" hymn. It's about hitting the ground, getting new courage and rising up again:
when all seems to be burned
taste the tear of phoenix
and your wounds will be healed'
What is the number one band you would really like to tour with at the moment?
'A tour with Iron Maiden would be really dope even though if it wouldn't really fit :).'
Star Wars or Lord Of The Rings?
'I love the LotR books but Starwars is the better film. I'm not very happy with the LotR films because I think they raped the story and made LotR too commercial. Every idiot knows it - that sucks.'
Are any plans made for a tour yet? And considering your young age, is it difficult to plan such a tour?
'A UK tour is planned and we are going to play a lot of single shows in Germany. Also we will in Antwerpen on March 24th and at Treasure Fest in Sweden on May 12th. It's not very difficult to plan such things. The only one in the band whose age is under 20 is our singer Simon.'
What can we expect in the future from Feast For The Crows?
'We never expect to make it that far. We don't really expect much. If it will be over tomorrow it'd be ok for us. We just trie to make our thing.'
Do you have anything to add to this interview?
'Thanks a lot.'
Details Written on 2007-02-03
Writer @DemonDust

Tags: #Feast For The Crows