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Feast For The Crows - When All Seems To Be Burned
Lately I reviewed quite a lot of material from bands that recorded their stuff at the German Rape Of Harmonies studio. There they manage to give everything a slick, tight and brutal sound. The release I hold in my hands now is from Feast For The Crows, and this is their debut album entitled When All Seems To Be Burned. Let the feast begin!
This German five-piece displays excellent mastering of their instruments, these guys know how to play. And considering that this is their first release and the guys in the band are all very young, this is an achievement worth mentioning. Their tightness really blows me away. Well I ought to tell you what they play right? Take some brutal metalcore and combine it with melodic (death) metal and Feast For The Crows is what you get.
The songwriting is good, the drive is amazing in the brutal parts, but the pace in the songs is interrupted too often because of the melodic In Flames like parts. Now I’m not a too big fan of melodic death metal anyway, but this is ruining the feel of the songs for me. Don’t get me wrong, this is a great band, only after hearing half of the album I tend to get annoyed a bit because of these constant interruptions. I also have the idea that these parts aren’t too innovative neither, but they suit the music they’re aiming for perfectly so I wont complain about that.
The thing that really saves it for me is the fact that there are no clean vocals on When All Seems To Be Burned, together with the smashing breakdown they have. The ones in the first three tracks are enough to convince me that these guys know how to tear a venue down.  For the rest I’m really curious about how these guys do their thing live, and I have little doubt that they will be doing some tour with bigger bands very soon.
Feast For The Crows - When All Seems To Be Burned
81/1001Details Bastardized Recordings
Released on Monday Jan 8th, 2007

Writer @DemonDust on Wednesday Nov 29th, 2006

Tags: #Feast For The Crows
Tracklisting 01. Hope dies last
02. Take it back
03. Tears
04. Fading Memories
05. A Feast for the crows
06. Skycleaver
07. Abandon
08. A cell a door
09. Realizing the demise
Line up Sebastian Kollat - Rythm Guitars
Max Hufnagel - Lead Guitars
Simon Kollat - Vocals
Stefan Kraft - Bass
Moritz Jung - Drums