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EmpYrios - Metal with an infinity of different approaches...
I surely was surprised when I listened to And the rest is silence’, the debut-album of Italian metalheads Empyrios. An almost perfect album with stunning technical aspects. A great opportunity for a mail-interview with composer/guitarplayer Simone Mularoni, in which you can clearly find the same energetic approach as you hear in their music!
First of all I’d like to congratulate you with the record! Although it’s Empyrios’ debut album, it already sounds very professional and tight. Is that the reason why you waited so long to release an album? Did you guys really wanted everything to be perfect or were there internal problems (e.g. the line-up) that held back a release?

‘Well, actually we are perfectionists. But the main reason of the long wait surely was line up establishment! We waited so long because we wanted to have the perfect guys in the band!’

Typical question, what’s the meaning of Empyrios and why have you opted for the album name “…and the rest is silence” ?

‘EmpYrios is the first heaven in the Paradise of Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy. Actually me and Teo [Matteo Mastroianni - drums] were in school together many years ago and we decided to choose that name for an eventual band in the future… and here we are! The album title is kind of a word joke…. You know, “the rest of the metal bands are silence..:” hahaha. Or if you want, after you listen to the entire album as a whole, you really appreciate the silence…'

As an Italian band you are signed with a Greek label. How did Empyrios and Burning Star Records find each other?

‘Well Ema [Emanuele Casali - Keyboards] had already signed a contract with his other band Astra so we had the possibility to meet Mike of Burning Star!! He’s a great guy, he’s working so hard and most important he seems to like our music, haha!’

The label classifies Empyrios as ‘Technical Power Metal’. How would you define it and could you give a brief explanation how you feel about the music?

‘mmmhhh… we actually don’t like labels so much but if I have to… to me it’s simply metal with an infinity of different approaches… all of us listen to different kinds of music, from punk, to hard rock, death, thrash and so on… so if we like something we just put it down and play it! This is actually what I think is “progressive” music!’

You and Matteo both are ex-Marsh Mallows members. Did you leave that band together with already a new idea in mind or has the will to create music like this grown with time?

‘Well, actually we’re still in the band! But that’s another story... Marsh Mallows isn’t our “main” band… it’s just a great hardcore band in which we play a lot live and have fun across Italy!'

The first thing that I noticed when listening to the record was the mix of genres. Was this truly something you wanted from the beginning or did it just come along with the composing?

‘I personally never think about those things, I just pick my guitar and play what comes out… Sometimes it can be a mellow ballad and sometimes a strong heavy thrash riff! It really depends by the moment. I love to mix different genres. Ya know, at the beginning neoclassical and shortly after growl vocals and so on!’

For example, throughout the record we can hear some awesome filmscore-sounding parts. Did you incorporate those with a meaning? e.g. at the end of ‘The Ruiner’: that part reminded me to ‘Pirates of The Caribbean’ and, in my opinion, really gives that song the most powerful ending it can have!

‘Wow, thank you! I usually compose this kind of music… it really gives me satisfaction! And when I tried, just for fun to put the piece at the end of 'The Ruiner', it turned out great! So why not? '

How about the ‘Making of’ video that comes along with the record. Could you tell us some more about that?

‘It was very funny! It’s simply a montage of images taken during the recording sessions of the album, there are too much stupid things I think, but it pictures perfectly what we are! 5 crazy guys trying to play and compose “serious” music! '

What can we expect in the future, touring-wise and album-wise?

‘Well, for now we’re working on the new songs of the next album. We really hope to release it in the near-future! About touring, we’re waiting for some proposals, but we prefer doing some great supporting act tours instead of bad and single gigs!’

If you would have to introduce someone to Empyrios with only one song, which would it be?

‘Wow…. It’s the same old story, you know. I composed them so for me they are all great! But I think ‘Tort’ explains the most progressive and introspective part of our music and ‘The Ruiner’ is the powerful and fast side! By the way: listen completely to the album, haha!'

I would like to thank you a lot for taking the time for this interview and especially for bringing us this very nice record!

‘No, thank you! We’re honoured and proud you like our record! See you soon!’

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Details Written on 2007-03-18
Writer @Peekay

Tags: #EmpYrios