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Flippin Beans - A mail chit chat with Alex
Several months ago I reviewed the latest album of Flippin Beans called Everything is Fine … Act Brave And Die which is still one of my favourite summer albums today. So when I got the opportunity to do a mail interview with them I was very pleased. Unfortunately I was a very busy person at that time and I forgot about the interview. Several weeks ago I got in contact with the guy who arranged the interview and asked if it was still possible. This was no problem which eventually led to the interview below.
First of all can you give an introduction of yourself and Flippin Beans? 

´I’m Alex, lead singer and bass player in Flippin Beans. Other guys are Antti; Guitar & backups, Tero; Guitar & backups and Eppu on drums. We’ve started with Flippin Beans around 1996 when it was more and less of a hobby and we just spend time in the rehearsal room and just played cover songs etc. We did some demos back in the 90´s etc. and what comes today’s Flippin Beans we’ve played a shitload of shows, done a few releases and now the hard work starts to pay back our sacrifices.´ 
How did Flippin Beans end up at Fullhouse Records?

´We’ve known the guys from Fullhouse Records many years now and it was easy for us to end up to Fullhouse Records. We’ve always done lot of DIY stuff like releasing our records, done our shows etc...So we thought it would be great time to try something different. So I talked with Fullhouse Records guys and they simply said yes hahaha...´ 
Your album Everything’s Fine…Act Brave And Die has been out for several months. What are the reactions so far? 

´We’ve basically got really good reactions. Good reviews and lot of interest from labels around the globe. At the moment we are just checking out the possible licence deals for our latest release.´ 
Currently your setting up a tour for Europe, how far are you with that­? 

´It’s going good but a few shows are still missing. It’s always bit hard ´cause we don’t have a booking agency in central Europe to carry our things, but what the hell in some level this works just fine ´cause we’re used to do everything by ourselves.´ 
Finland has always been famous for the classic type of metal but nowadays there are more and more hardcore and punk bands that are reaching over the borders. Do you have an explanation for that?

´There has always been lot of Punk / Hardcore bands but since we’re living in the middle of nowhere no one has heard the Finnish Punk or Hardcore bands. I think the internet has helped a lot.´ 
A little more than a year ago Lordi won the Eurovision song festival for Finland. What is your opinion about it?

´Uuuuuhhh hahahaha...Actually I knew the whole Lordi thing before it even came any kind of success. In the beginning there was not that big interest about their project but hey they won European song contest if that means anything to anyone. I have to say I wouldn’t care less hahahaha...´
How do you look back on your debut album?

´Our debut album Another Brilliant Disaster was a really bad or the songs were ok but production was terrible. We kind of made it because we had to make it and that’s the first mistake haha...´ 
In my review I stated that there are several great songs on your second album. Looking back on that album what does it take to make a typical Flippin Beans album?

´Basically it’s lot of good melodies, good vocal melodies, some speed and some groove that’s it heh. We all like Metal, Punk, Hardcore, Blues etc etc stuff so typical Flippin Beans album is kind of mix of rock´n´roll/metal/punk/hardcore or something like that. Pretty hard to describe but there’s always good melodies.´ 
If you could pick any festival in the world where you could play with Flippin Beans where would it be and why is that?
´Huh this is a hard question...hmmm there’s so many festivals where would be awesome to play but I think some Punk/Hardcore festivals in Europe ´cause to me this whole Punk thing is to meet new people and bands who share the same passion for Punkrock as we do.´ 
What will the future bring for Flippin Beans?

´We’re making a split 7” with our friends from a Portuguese band called Decreto77. A taste of the new stuff will be sometime on the internet soon I think and of course lot of shows / tours and new full length album in 2008.´ 
Do you have anything to left to say to the readers of

´We’re playing in Arnhem on 23rd of September so if you’re in the neighbourhood come check us out! Oh yeah check out “Everything’s fine...” album..´
I’d like to thank Mike from Hardlife Promotion for arranging this interview.
Details Written on 2007-08-10
Writer @Niamen

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