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Flippin Beans - Everythings Fine... Act Brave And Die
We already knew that the finnish Full House Record label is the home of many great Punk and Hardcore bands from Finland. So every time they put out a new debut album I’m curious what they have to offer. This time it’s the debut album of Flippin Beans which resides from Lahti in Finland. Flippin Beans mixes Punk with Hardcore, Ska and Rock into one sound that looks a bit like Rise Against, Strike Anywhere and the old AFI.
Kicking of their debut album with ‘Weight Of The World’ they immediately force me to turn my volume op to maximum, driving a bit harder in my car and everything just looks a bit better than before. Even the beautiful women are waving back to me. Damn what can life be easy with Flippin Beans. Okay back to reality!
Everythings Fine…Act Brave And Die is an album that is overloaded with great songs that each has their own unique Flippin Beans sound. Just when you have the feeling you have heard it before Flippin Beans throws in a completely different part and leave you stunned. You probably just need to hear the songs just to know what I mean. Especially the songs ‘Hate’, ‘Destroy’ and ‘Punk Enough’ are great, but there’s a lot more were these came from. To be honest there aren’t any bad songs on this album, only songs that aren’t as good as the other.
Everythings Fine…Act Brave And Die has left me with some great expectations for the live shows of Flippin Beans and of course not in the last their second album, because I hope there’s much more where this album came from. Fans from bands that are mentioned above should check this album out!
Flippin Beans  - Everythings Fine... Act Brave And Die
83/1001Details Fullhouse Records
Released on Friday May 4th, 2007

Writer @Niamen on Friday May 4th, 2007

Tags: #Flippin Beans
Tracklisting 1. Weight of the World
2. Hate
3. Humanity
4. Oil Business & War
5. Destroy
6. Kids are United
7. Punk Enough
8. TV
9. You Can't Change Me
10. Pissed in the Eye
11. Enemy
12. Punk Rock Radio
13. Hypocritic Asshole
Line up Alex - Bass & vocals
Antti - Guitar & back ups
Tero - Guitar & back ups
Lari - Drums